Commonly used word within the furry community that refers to the past tense act of jerking off.
Fox: Are you horny?
Raccoon: Sorry, just pawed.
by Foxcoon December 1, 2019
1.) What kids call their grandfather
2.) A tree with banana type fruit.
3.) City in Michigan
Pawpaw: Alrighty sonny wait up.

2.) That paw paw tree is huge!

3.) Why don't we take a trip to PawPaw, Michigan
by Nimrodic_Neka March 6, 2008
(n)- a city in michigan- so nice they named it twice. known for its grape and wine festival, st. julians winery, its drug scene(behind the willow tree). Synonym- BumFuck,Michigan
Jo-Ahhh my parents are making me goto dumbass bumfuck michigan.
Bob-Awwe Paw Paw is not that bad.
by motothejo April 3, 2009
pronounce: pah-PAW
1)The local name for what Tourists/Europeans/Americans, call papaya i.e a long smelly fruit, with big round black seeds thats like a mango but is better for you and is not as sweet.

2) some city apparently

Tourist: what would you reccomend to accompany breakfast?
West Indian: try a paw-paw
Tourist: what?
W. I: a papaya
Tourist: what'd you call it?
W.I: nevermind sir
by amibbdos August 9, 2006
Dear Paw, I'll be home soon. Don't warn mom.
by etzelet September 4, 2010

Slang used in the furry fandom to describe masturbation, or the act thereof.

Originates from the slang term jerking off. Comes from that a furry's fursona most likely has "paws" instead of hands, thus the term for pawing.
(Usually used in the same context even if the animal has claws, hands, etc.)

Can be used in past (pawed), present (pawing), or future (paw) tenths.
The red fox sat on the chair, moaning as he was pawing away at his swollen fox knot.
by Anonyfur February 26, 2010