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Slang used in the furry fandom to describe masturbation, or the act thereof.

Originates from the slang term jerking off. Comes from that a furry's fursona most likely has "paws" instead of hands, thus the term for pawing.
(Usually used in the same context even if the animal has claws, hands, etc.)

Can be used in past (pawed), present (pawing), or future (paw) tenths.
The red fox sat on the chair, moaning as he was pawing away at his swollen fox knot.
by Anonyfur February 26, 2010

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Another "cutesy" way of saying "love" - see "luv", "wub", etc.
Person 1: I luff!
Person 2: Aww; I luff too. <3
by Anonyfur January 24, 2014

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A grunt that Miles Edgeworth from Ace Attorney makes, usually when something catches him off guard or embarrasses him.
Wendy Oldbag: "Oh Edgey-poooo....~"
Miles Edgeworth: "NGOH!"
by Anonyfur March 13, 2017

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Used to call out someone when they're starting to sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist.
Comes from the classic King Of The Hill show, where Hank Hill would constantly call out his tinfoil hat friend Dale Gribble.
Person 1: "Don't you know the government is listening on everything you say?"

Person 2: "Shut up Dale."
by Anonyfur May 02, 2020

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A klingon vessle infamous for it's speed and cloaking technology
Captain Picard, a Bird Of Prey has been spotted in Federation Space
by Anonyfur October 09, 2006

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To remain 100% neutral in an argument/debate/drama/event/etc.
(aka "Pulling a Swiss")

Origin comes from the country Switzerland, which remained neutral in major wars (including World War II )
Person 1: "I can't believe Bob said that! Can you tweet at Bob and tell him how much he stinks?"
Person 2: "No, I don't want to get involved in this. I'm pulling a switzerland on this one."
by Anonyfur March 02, 2016

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