Verb, transitive. TO fiscally ass-rape the taxpaying public at the behest of your old investment banking pals.
Benny: Dude! You TOTALLY Paulsoned them!

Hank: Word, homes! Hanky ain't gonna have to worry bout nothin' once this gig at Treasury is up in January! Smell the pwnage!!
by chubbz the delinquent September 24, 2008
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Rhyming slang for "hungry".

The phrase "Paulson" is a contemporary twist on the classic cockney rhyming slang of Hank Marvin or "Hank", which is slang for "starving".

"Paulson" abstracts "Hank" to a further well known individual: Henry Merritt "Hank" Paulson, Jr., the 74th US Treasury Secretary and once CEO of Goldman Sachs.

Where one would previously say "Hank", they might now say "Paulson".
Brett mate, lets grab some toast already. I'm freakin' paulson!
by furniturepolice October 9, 2009
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a guy who may also go by the name of jeffery paulson michaels. loves alexis texas and top ten status. enjoys muscle titties and huge asses. he also thinks that his french teacher is beautiful ;
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Hey it's Paulson! Isn't he Paul's kid?
by eriktheblack August 15, 2008
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A five piece rock group known for fucking human sized spiders in supermarkets. They're also known for making fourteen year old girls cream their pants in hollister stores nationwide.
OMG i was like totally buying this cute polo in hollister with my bff when Paulson came on and i like almost ruined my distressed jeans because they make me so wet.
by banana clip August 10, 2008
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Doing an ugly scream-cry like Sarah Paulson
The break up hit that bitch so hard. She was Paulsoning all over the place.
by eurmnnn March 17, 2022
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God. A lesbian ICON, a queer ICON. The most gorgeous and talented woman ever. The god of the religion paulsizium; her worshippers are called paulsonists.
I have a Sarah Paulson shrine because I live Sarah Paulson
by M8! December 21, 2020
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