A super hot brunette who is hotter than the sun
She had a hot bod that makes guys drool
She is not a fan of white foods
She is a very talented singer, dancer, artist, poet, and comedian
Her milkshakes really do bring all the boys to the yard
Every guy ever: Woah! That girl must be a Merritt! She hotter than the sun!
by Omgitsnatalieaaaaaaa June 22, 2014
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Pretty much the coolest person alive. If female, she has her hand in a thousand projects at once. Always to start, hardly ever finishes. Likes smoking weed and hanging out with friends. Pretty much wants to do nothing and get paid for it. Likes to abide by the law unless she doesn't think it's a good law. Travels a lot.

If male, struggles with being extremely cocky due to amount of women fall for him. Close to his family and loves his dog.
"Oh do you want to paint the house today?"

"Um, you know we won't finish, don't be such a Merritt"
by raccoon lover of the universe February 3, 2010
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A girls name, describing someone who is sexy and cool, cares for her friends and has great taste in films.
Merritt's opinions about movies always have merit.
by lemonarts February 3, 2010
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An absolute goddess. An amazing strong women with unremarkable beauty ultimately a female deity. Someone all the guys can’t help but stare at.
“That girl is an absolute Merrit. She’s so fine.”
She is so pretty her name has to be a Merritt
by Yeahtwinkletoes March 5, 2019
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A popular male student who is very sweet, good looking, and very intelligent. He has dark eyes that are easily distracting and dark, curly hair. Best friend of Luke, sometimes he's stuck-up, but most times he's the most charming person you'll ever meet.
"Have you seen Merritt today?"
"Yes, I can't wait to see him again!"

"That kid is so perfect, his name has to be Merritt."
by Brentyboo April 23, 2009
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The greatest guy on Earth. His eyes are distracting. He has the cutest smile and the funniest laugh. He is a bit shy, but he is a great boyfriend. He will tell you he loves you every day and his eyes make you melt and make you feel like you are the most important girl on earth. He is an amazing soccer player, an amazing guy, and an average student. He loves sports and old music. If you have a Merritt, never let him go. He's the best thing that will ever happen to you.
"Oh my god I think I'm in love."
"Hmmm, did you meet a Merritt?"
"How did you know!?!?"
"You're one lucky girl!"
by greensnowleopard101 March 24, 2013
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The thiccest dick you’ve ever met, and what he lacks in size, although he is above average, he gains in toungue length. His eating out will be a night to remember for any girl. His technique is masterful. On the non sexual side he gives outstanding advice and the best hugs.
Merritt is the nicest guy, with a really pleasurable dick. What a classic Merritt
by Mer-bear the coolest fella September 15, 2018
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