Tieg Paulson is a North Dakota native who is loved and respected by everyone he knows. Everyone knows him. He is often referred to by “the peacemaker” he can solve any ones problems. Everyone loves Tieg. He is very loveable like a teddy bear. People will also tend to call him things such as to “amazing” “the coolest guy you will ever meet” “pure awesomeness in one guy!”
Bailey: I know right! I love him soooooo much!
Kristen: I wish we were as amazing at Tieg...
Bailey: -puts hand on shoulder- Kristen?
Kristen: yes?
Bailey: I think you are just as cool as Tieg Paulson.
Kristen: thanks, but I just wish I were one of his friends. To be friends with Tieg would allow me to die happy.
by KRISTENandBAILEYwereHERE October 1, 2010
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Don't make me go all Jenny Paulson on yo ass.
Don't be telling any Jenny Paulson's or you will be grounded. Always be truthful. Dont be a Jenny Paulson.
by SteelCityOG March 8, 2017
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The smartest and most amazing person ever. Commonly referred to in reverence with an air of mystery. Currently the world's best lover and most interesting person alive.
Son: Wow I want to grow up to be just like a Nicholas Paulson someday

Dad: I'd aim a little lower son. No one's that amazing.
by minirick February 3, 2010
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Also know as SPS. It is an obsession followed by an unavoidable attraction to older women (mommy issues). People who suffer from it are usually lesbians with great taste in women, but they have no mental health.
Hetero: "Do you want to see this movie with me?"
Paulsonist: "Does Sarah Paulson with an addiction to cigarettes appear?"
Hetero: "WTF, no"
Paulsonist: "Then no! You fucking creep. I have Sarah Paulson Syndrome, I can't watch that"
by Izaroo January 13, 2021
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When you go to the video store and rent a wicked old VHS of Fight Club to watch with your hot girlfriend (must be brunette or it doesn't work as good) and you watch the movie and get kinky with her in the Robert Paulson scene.

After the film you do the nasty and halfway through you completely go limp, totally dead, you hold your breath for as long as you can until that bitch thinks you're dead. Then and only then will she start to chant "His name is Robert Paulson. His name is Robert Paulson. His name is Robert Paulson." Then you finish inside her like never before and you realise that there is no girlfriend and she is actually your hand. Fight Clubbed.
Hahah, Dwayne watched Fight Club alone last night and totally did a His name is Robert Paulson again..
by Putnum27 March 6, 2013
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It's a memorable quote from "Fight Club", a great movie from 1999 that cause a lot of people to get their ass kicked frequently, usually by friends.

An unofficial anthem for the sadists (Someone who loves inflicting pain on others) as well as the unwritten bible for the masochists who love inflicting pain on themselves.
Sadist Yo man, his name is Robert Paulson *Sucker punches his best friend, knocking out 3 of his teeth, then they share a blunt while they reminisce about other fun stuff...

Masochist *screams out* His name is Robert Paulson, I wish mine was too *punches self in face knocking out 3 teeth, then lights a blunt only to put it out on his arm, while reminiscing about the other fun stuff.
by SCWIDVICIOUS December 29, 2011
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What Sarah Paulson’s name should be, since she radiates big uwu energy.
Sarah Paulson is the definition of uwu, she should be renamed Sarah uwu Paulson
by Blvnchett October 28, 2018
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