What Sarah Paulsons name should really be because she radiates big UwU energy.
Sarah Paulson really is the definition of UwU, she should be renamed Sarah UwU Paulson”
by Blvnchett October 28, 2018
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Someone who sacrified himself for a cause (usually greater than himself)
dude1: "Michel got caught, by the police, buying weed for tonight party."
dude2: "Yeah, I heard that. He's a true Robert Paulson."
by BernardPepperWatda February 17, 2018
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A guy who is unloyal and gets annoyed by everything. Very ugly and most likely to be a furry. Very horrendous looking and gets no girls. Very unleng. Most likely to be the roadman of the group. Most likely to have breath smelling like fish and chips. Probably eats on piles of poop
Person 1: “PAULSON looks horrendous today I’m not even kidding
Person 2: “I agree”
by yourgirleisha January 17, 2022
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Named for the character in Fight Club it's a term that describes a man with huge bitch tits.
Don't invite Gary, that Paulson scares away the chicks.
by The Golden Cheetah August 18, 2018
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1. verb. to fall to the ground and screech at the top of one's lungs when scared (like Sarah Paulson).

2. verb. to dance poorly and chaotically with no shame (like Sarah Paulson).
1. Bro, remember when you hardcore Paulsoned at that haunted house last year?

2. Y'all wanna Paulson with me at hoco this year?
by CertifiedSapphicSimp November 8, 2021
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