Sarah Paulson is a lesbian actress who is a mother fucking goddess. She is absolutely freaking gorgeous and very sassy. She is life. She is also Billie Dean Howard in American Horror Story season 1, Lana Winters in season 2 & Cordelia Foxx in season 3.

sarah paulson
by A girl in love with Sarah January 15, 2014
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have u heard of someone gay and talented?
oh u mean sarah paulson
by cordeliagoode April 18, 2021
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the hottest prettiest funniest most talented actress ever. A GODDESS. the best woman alive
yk that girl who plays on 9 seasons of ahs? yeah sarah paulson aka the hottest woman alive
by olivianavarro September 14, 2021
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Literally the funniest and quirkiest person when she answers all the teachers wanna have sex with her. Funny and popular and gives naughty thought because she is sooo sexy
Dang girl r u Tatum Paulson because imma act up
by mamaclough August 24, 2020
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Male mammary glands which are so large, they resemble those of a woman.
That guy has the biggest pair of Robert Paulsons I've ever seen; I'd sure fucking love to motorboat those bitches.
by atomysk March 13, 2008
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A zone in which one is cast into precariously (without ones control) which is entered by an individual who is of non-intrest to the party (girl)and is only good for emotional support (A pillow to cry on) . Symptons : Lack of intrest from other party (girl); Conversations in which consist of small talk and talk of other guys or other things(not talking about one and a girl). Following girl around like a pet. One is labeled as a friend. Lascivious activities are not engaged by the two parties. (Neither of you are getting any from each other)
Cures At this present time there are none. To treat the Paulson Zone you can only stop it. (Move on to another girl)
Man your in the "Paulson Zone", you aint got no chance with her.
by vaginaslayer January 2, 2011
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