Probably the biggest example of how fascist America is becoming. An act supported by millions of Bush-loving nut job super-conservatives who are afraid that terrorits have infiltrated America. The Patriot Act allows the NSA,CIA,FBI,ATF,DEA,DHS and law enforcement to spy on you. Includes phone taps, internet records, spy satellites,etc.
(NSA agent) "Look, that guy wrote an article about how President Bush is a tyrant. He may be a terrorist!"
(Donald Rumsfeld) "Good work. Another threat nabbed by the Patriot Act!"
by Justin B. R. January 30, 2006
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Basically George W. Bush wiping his arse on the U.S. Constitution. It wasn't even read by anyone yet it was approved by every Congressman in Washington D.C.
And the purpose of this bullshit is to protect freedom in America. Soon we'd probably have more freedom in Burma if this keeps up.
by tritium July 18, 2004
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Our country's fucking death knell.
The Americans are pissed off because their rights were taken away and their Constitution torn apart by the Patriot Act.
by DarkMillennia August 17, 2003
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Dear retard above:
Read the constitution. Ever see the part that says "Freedom of Privacy"? How can you glorify a blatent defiance of our rights as American citizens? This kind of law has only existed in fascist countries, now stop being so fucking ignorant. By the way, many liberals HAVE read, or at least tried to read the patriot act. It has no definition of the word terrorist, either, meaning, yes, it allows the goverment to arrest any human being simply for their name without a proper trial.
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G.Wiz Busch's brainchild, intended to eliminate one of the causes of terrorism against Americans.
"We must always remember why we were attacked: the terrorists hate Americans because we're rich and we're free. I have a secret plan to win the War on Terror: I'll personally see to it that the terrorists no longer have any cause to hate us -- if that doesn't work, I'll bomb their neighborhoods and kill their families." - GWB
by LeRoy Greene October 24, 2004
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