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Yet another phrase used to whip people into a Bush-hating frenzy, the PATRIOT Act actually makes punishments against people who perform unauthorized wiretaps or use unauthorized listening devices harsher, thus PROTECTING people's privacy.

...but just try telling someone that.
Person 1: So what exactly is the PATRIOT Act?
Person 1: Seriously? What rights did they steal? Do you even know what the PATRIOT Act does or are you just repeating stuff you heard from some crank online?
Person 2: ...
Person 1: Hello?
Person 1: What!?
by Civan August 4, 2006
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The ultimate in flavor, the combination of Nerds Candy and soft vanilla ice cream. Sadly, Dairy Queen seems to have stopped carrying Nerds blizzards.

However, they're fairly easy to create at home, and you can summon a pale ghost of the flavor by mixing Nerds and milk in your mouth.
I lie awake at night, dreaming of Nerds Blizzards. I curse the day Dairy Queen stopped selling them. Curse it!!
by Civan August 3, 2006
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First theorized by Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori in 1970, the Uncanny Valley basically states that the closer a robot or other nonhuman entity gets to resembling a human, the more humans will like and empathize with it.

However, there is a point in development where humans instead become strongly repulsed by the barely-human robot/entity. Fortunately, this effect fades as the robot/entity becomes less distinguishable from a human.

Although hotly debated, the theory is present in many sci-fi movies and the like, and has been used to explain people's reactions to some computer generated characters.
I can't get into "Rumble Roses" because the girls just don't look quite right to me. I guess it's the Uncanny Valley at work.
by Civan August 6, 2006
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