45 definitions by Person

An amazing person that is so cool they make the haters jealous.
You are an eve nig apple
by Person August 13, 2017
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Using knowledge of how to commit harm for your own ends.

Warps the mind of the perpetrator.
by Person May 18, 2004
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Annlucie is a goofy girl that loves to wear her black NorthFace jacket with her black leggings. She is very sweet and hard working. She does not care about anybody's opinion unless if she asks for it. SHE IS NOT GOTH!
People: Why is Annlucie wearing that same NorthFace jacket?

Annlucie: Because I want to bitch. Mind your neck!
by Person March 24, 2019
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The union between two famous people. Known for lasting a very short time.
I read about celebrity marriage every time I pick up a magazine.
by Person November 7, 2003
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