most annoying and fat person to exist. he asks his mom out and to give him a blowjob but she rejects him cause his fat ass has a smaller penis then a ribosome
girl 1 " hey did you hear about the lazy and annoying guy?"
girl 2 " who? patrik"
by nuggabugga October 18, 2022
Petrik is the definition of a cock sucking loser who like to fuck little kids. he also like following people to there house, don't go near this guy if you want to be bashed.
patrik is walking down the street with a child oh what should we do
by pahntomof faven65434 August 7, 2022
Patrik is a guy who loves to seek out girls under the age of 15
OMG, patrik brought home a 11 year old
by GrusommeGabriel December 3, 2021
Patrik the guy from sponge Bob is gay
He's just gay 🤣 Patrik the guy from sponge Bob is gay
A really cute, smart, nice guy that would do anything to make you happy. You can never lie to him. His gorgeous eyes will make your heart melt and every time you want to talk to him, it just melts you. When it comes to relationships, he is the best guy to be with. He will make you giggle when you're feeling down, giggle even if you're happy, and just anything to see you happy. His hugs are so comforting and make you feel safe.
Patrik is a good guy
by YUMMY CHLORINE☺️ November 21, 2021
Patrik is the sweetest and the cutest catto-person in the world, and is also an alternative girl who I will kiss on nose 🌸😸
I met Patrik again and they look so cool in their skirto 😖
by мяууу April 18, 2022