a dick head who thinks he’s cool because he wears adidas makes gang signs to try to fit in but it doesn’t work out because he’s white.
wow look it’s a patrik he’s probably a douche bag
by TheTruthHurtsButItsTrue March 17, 2018
Big guy with big dick, brain and lots of money.
Patrik is baller
by Lol1313 November 22, 2021
Patrik aka Patty got the biggest dumptruck in the history, he is always on the fortnite grind and is always down to give a quick one
Hey heard about what Patrik did?

No dont say he used his big massive dumptruck to get on the buss for free?

Ohh yeah he did...
by Pattylover69 December 3, 2021
Patrik is a person with small dick and is usually a pussy. Very often if u say to him that he is a pussy or an ass he will say I am what I eat. He is very gay for some reason and will use the word gay very often.
Someone: Patrik you are a pussy.
Patrik: I am what I eat.
by Tiki12343 November 17, 2019
Likes to reach out to younger girls often under 15 years old
by GrusommeGabriel December 3, 2021
A stupid, ugly, little bitch that does everything wrong, and does not care if he does. He has to do everything by himself and he won't admit he needs help with anything. He does all of his teams by height and age. Not by talent in the sport.
Wow, I cant believe he won't let anyone help him. He must be a George Patrik.
by georgepatrikh8r March 8, 2017