hair that has been braided or twisted.
That lil girl has a lot of plats in her head.
by beeAU November 23, 2010
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dat aint plat dats just silver
by natman April 22, 2003
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The sound being made from skin slapping skin during intercouse.
by Will Pounder July 27, 2007
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one who enjoys taking part in troll footing and space docking
by madz bills September 1, 2007
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short for billy plat.. which refers to someone preforming a retarded action.
Dude wtf was that your a fucking billy plat.

slang: plat, bill
by raz March 13, 2004
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Pussy that is so tight and fabulous, it's beyond lined with gold. It is short for "platinum lined" pussy. It is known to keep the man coming back for more, like a pussy hex.
"Oooh that pussy was plat-plat, I just couldn't keep myself from comin back fo mo."

"Stomach on flat-flat, and yo, pussy on plat-plat"
by Loyo23 August 12, 2017
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formally called The Belmont Plateau -in fairmont park, philadelphia: it looks like a regular picnic area overlooking the city, but on weekends you will always find at least 100 people and at least 2 kegs there in the spring. without a doubt one of the best party spot's in the philly
yo i heard there was gonna be 3 kegs at the plat tonight
by illadelph215 May 17, 2006
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