referring to Jamaican Patois

Contrary to popular belief Jamaican Patois is not "Broken English." If that were the case then Spanish, Italian, French, and Romanian would be considered broken Latin. Jamaican Patois is actually a language that has been influenced by multiple languages as all patois is. Patois is somewhat English based as Jamaica was an English colony but it has integrated Portuguese, Hindi, Yoruba(as well as many other West African languages), and a small amount of Spanish. Trinidadian Patois is more French and Spanish based as opposed to Jamaican patois with English. The language is referred to as Patois because that term specifically means that the language cannot be titled because of the mixture of the language.

referring to the umbrella term Patois

Patois is the french term for "dialect." A dialect usually refers to a language spoken within a country, state, state or area where another language is more predominantly spoken and the new language is based on that language. There are dialects in nearly all countries and sill slowly new ones are being created. If the term Patois is used by any other language it refers to a new language created from multiple languages. Sometimes also reffered to as Kreyol or Creole. Di
Jamaican Patois

“How yu luk so chaka chaka?”(Obvious example of it not being broken English)

-Your clothes look a mess (untidy, unkempt, wrinkled, not properly put together, or unfashionable)
by IslandBwoy April 10, 2013
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Broken English. Commonly known to have been originated from (but not limited to) the island of Jamaica.

Originated way back in the day and is a mixture of a whole bunch of different languages; mainly of English, Spanish; some French and West African influences.

Sounds really awesome when flirting with the opposite sex of a foreign land and can also be known to scare and/or be comedic when speaking with extra enunciation and heightened volume while throwing a Patois Curse word as well.

Some famous people associated with speaking really cool Patois are comedian Oliver Samuels; Reggae Legend Bob Marley; Historic Leader Marcus Garvey and the guys from the motion picture 'Cool Runnings'.
The girl walked into the bar right off the beach and began speaking patois to Dave and he started blushing.

Patois - "Mi seh dem deh ova desuh feevor sour puss wid dem feeace so scrunch up like; cho' dem too bad mine and red yyeeye"

English Layman's Terms - "Those people over there have such a sour attitude like a sour puss; ugh' they're haters and envious; with their bitchassness."

Patois - "Light up di ganja! Just cool nuh starr and vibes out to di tunes dem wa de a play; tek in di ohshon breeze an enjoy di oxtail and yam nuh mon."

English Layman's Terms - "Light up the weed! Just relax Bro and zone out to the music that's playing! Take in the ocean breeze and enjoy the caribbean food man."
by The Jamaidian Saf March 25, 2009
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The native tongue spoken by inhabitants of Jamaica other from english. They always sound as if they are singing.
Jordan hardly speak Patois but when he does it’s so sexy i’d give him pum pum
by bigdickenergygawd August 07, 2018
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General word to talk about a regional word that is a dérivé from the country's language. As for french patois' they are only used by old country people
Auvergnat patois, créole, catalan, corse, jamaican patois, etc...
by FrenchLascar187 March 13, 2004
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Susie wouldn't stop asking me for my gummy bears. She would ask me every day. Then one day, she just took them from my backpack. Fucking patoying!
by houseofpatoy November 16, 2009
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The current speaking style favoured by London's urban yoof is heavily accented as well as typified by slang expressions. Hackney being an area of East London (in which I reside) which has the dubious honour of being the worst borough in Britain repeatedly. Please note that the slang described here is common throughout britian, and is an accent developed often by well spoken people to attain street cred.
The general Hackney Patois comes from a mash up of east london cockney, afro- carribbean, general chavspeak and Hip-Hop slang often attributed to British Asian yoof as popularised by Ali G.

The vocabulary is inextricably linked to cellular phone sms (text) messaging, and online instant messaging, where limited space and speed of texting required abbreviations (m8 - mate, l8r - later, etc.) So much that often the true spelling of words are forgotten. Predictive text messaging has reversed some language - e.g 'book' was used for 'cool' as that was easier to text is now being used in language.
The 'grime' music scene sees Hackney Patois at its core - see artists such as M.I.A and Lady Soverign
as overheard in Hackney patois....
"Put dat down - you iz not gonna get nuffin' "
"She luk at me like dat agen she gonna get sum licks, yea' "
" I dahn't wannit, its got peas in it, innit! "
" ya get me, bruv? "
by GishGish November 22, 2007
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