A boy with lots of wonderful thoughts that will share anything with you. Will keep a secret safe regardless of how good it may be. Will always try to cheer you up even when he may be feeling down too.

Suffering in his life has caused a spot of permanant sadness in his eyes, but they shine bright when he smiles.

Medium in stature, large in heart. Most likely will have very soft hair and soft hands.

a very skilled kisser, has had lots of experience but will settle down upon finding the right girl. has a reputation for being a flirt but that is just his personality.

is very VERY attractive. usually long eyelashes, kissable lips and a smile that can light up a room. Will make your stomach filled with butterflies no matter how used you are to seeing him.

Means; gift from God (which is very true)

is a procrastinator but will always get something done at the absolute last second. Is very smart but often doesnt apply it.

very much a people person, can easily make friends with anyone and everyone

Fischer is easy to pick out of a crowd because he will be standing in a large group of people and they will all be smiling at what he is saying.

makes an amazing boyfriend, the kind of person you want to show off because your so in awe of him and how miraculous he is.

everyday is an adventure with Fischer because he will make you laugh till you cry and has a superb imagination

Fischer means, a perfectly incredible man with a big cock
Fischer has a big cock
by 231313 July 2, 2019
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A commonly misspelled last name that is of German decent.
"I told her it's spelled 'Fischer - with a C'."
by Big Freeze UFL February 1, 2010
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Man, did you see frank in the shower today?, He's such a Fischer
by fightparis656 June 12, 2009
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A slang term for; The act of flirting with a girl, intentionally or inadvertently, to ruin one's chances of being in a relationship. Thus ending poorly for said victim.
Commonly referred to as: "Joey"('ed).
I'm going to Fischer ("Joey") him.
by DarthPrune August 8, 2012
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One with a big penis and little hands. Fischers are usually cut out for one line of work... factory work due to their nimble fingers and huge penis.
by dizzledrizzlebitch July 27, 2011
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Man with a huge cock over 9-15 inches
Fischer has a huge cock
by Patrick curci February 18, 2018
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a man who drinks there beer extremely slowly to avoid having to buy the next round.
I've got no money tonight, I'm going to have to do a Fischer tonight!
by Russell Boot June 28, 2013
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