One thing no one disputes is that the Patels practically own Gujarat.

Patels could well be a generic name for well-heeled Indians at large. The "Patel shot" is now a generic term for standard touristy Indians take in front of a famous location like the Eiffel Tower or Niagara Falls. Some years back, referring to the profusion of Indians in the tech world, someone coined the expression 'Intel Inside, Patel Outside'.

For the longest time, "Keeping up with the Joneses" has been a popular expression. But linguistic revisionists are now suggesting that "Keeping up with the Joneses" be replaced with "Keeping up with the Patels", particularly since the idiom points to the growing Indian global influence.

With Patels, there are attributes outside consumptive tendencies which do not square with the Joneses. They are exceptional entrepreneurs -an industrious, self-made, risk-taking lot. Joneses are more likely well-bred aristocrats, the kind that inhabit Wodehouse's world.

A recent survey in Britain that examined buying behavior of the country's most common surnames showed that the Patels are spending more per head on electronic goods and gadgets than any other group. It shows Patels splurged $5,000 a year on items such as home entertainment systems, computers, phones, cameras etc, far more than the Jones (who came in 16th), Smiths and Browns.
Jones: I'm having a hard time keeping up with the Patels.
Smith: Me too Jonesy. One rich Patel outbid me about ten thousand dollars on ebay.
by RamKumar666 April 10, 2021
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The surname is popular and denotes a particular landowning status. Traditionally the surname is a status name referring to the village chieftains during medieval times, and was later retained as successive generations stemmed out into communities of landowners.

Bluntness in speech, an unconcern about dress and appearance, a sense of equality within the fold, and a sense of superiority towards non-Patidars, a self-image of tough independent men, naturally given to ruling over others, mark the Patidar character.

"Patidar" literally means a "landowner". Leuva Patels not only outnumber the Kadva Patels (the descendants of Kush), but are also economically stronger with bigger landholdings. Gujarat has over 6,100 industrial units that have a turnover of more than Rs 10 crore. Of these, nearly 1,700 belong to Patels - well over 25 per cent, says Vansjaliya. Amongst the traditional non-mercantile communities, this would be the highest representation. In contrast, Jains own 720 of these and Brahmins only 320. About 40 per cent of the Patidars are businessmen, industrialists and entrepreneurs; 30 per cent fall in the middle-class; 21 per cent are well-to-do farmers; and the remaining 9 per cent are poor, marginal farmers, according to local social scientists and economists. Their success abroad is the stuff of legends: in Africa, Europe as well as the United States.
Nigel: British Raj first recognised them as separate caste in 1931. Patels are influential in 70-80 constituencies.
Spencer: Priti Patel is Gujarati Patel by caste.
by Gujju Leva Patidar July 07, 2021
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A name you will find in every directory. Even if it is in the Arctic Circle.
Person: Can I get the number of Dr.Patel in Iceland?
Operator: Hold On. Hmmm Dr.K PAtel pr Dr. S patel???
by zeepadeedoodah December 08, 2003
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The most common last name in India. It's like Smith over there.
My last name is Patel.
by Neil Patel March 10, 2008
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The last name of Patel has an obsession with Taco Bell. If you see a Patel at Taco Bell grabbing the container of sauces don’t be weirded out because it is normal for a Patel. They stock up on sauces throughout the year.
Every Patel’s favorite food is Taco Bell.
by Patel for Life October 30, 2019
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the name of millions of people
hey mr patel number 6390845034760
by Aaron November 26, 2003
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Patel: Britain's richest family

Is your surname Patel? Congratulations - you are officially more likely to be a multi-millionaire than anyone else in the country. And if you aren't yet wealthy, you're likely to become so. So what is it about this lot that makes them so much more successful than the rest of us?

For many, the name Patel is synonymous with the corner shop, that emergency port of call that has saved many a person's bacon when the supermarket is shut. But forget Patel the shopkeeper, and step forward Patel the self-made millionaire. For if your surname is Patel, you are seven times more likely to be a multi-millionaire than if your name is Smith.

Dr Philip Beresford, who compiles the annual Rich List, has 37 Patels and 50 Smiths on his database of millionaires worth over £5m. However, there are only around 36,000 Patels compared to 360,000 Smiths on the electoral register.

As well as the 37 multi-millionaires, Dr Beresford says there are also around 500 Patel millionaires in Britain. Not that it came as any surprise to him. "In fact, I think there should be more. It's just my inability to find them and put a value on them," he says.

What does he put their success down to? "Hard work, strong family solidarity, extraordinary determination, ambition to do well that goes from one generation to the other, and belief in education."

According to CB Patel, editor and publisher of the weekly newspaper the Gujarat Samachar/Asian Voice, there are, in fact, around 207,000 Patels in Britain.

Their original homeland is the north-west Indian state of Gujarat, where they settled after migrating from Punjab in 1139AD. Towards the end of the 17th century they acquired land rights and were given the title Patel (meaning landowner). By the mid-19th century further migration had taken them to other parts of India, Fiji, South Africa, the Caribbean, Britain and several of its colonies. Thousands more Patels arrived in Britain in the Seventies from Uganda when Idi Amin ejected all Asians.

The name Patel is now the 24th most common in Britain. The community even produces its own telephone directory.

Leva Patels are direct descendants of Lord Ram via son Luv!
by ladyella May 27, 2008
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