Acting upon agression in a non-confrontational manner.
Being passive aggressive is eating the last piece of your brothers cake.. not because you wanted it. Just because he pissed you off earlier and you knew he wanted it.
by wanted my picture here June 12, 2019
Avoiding confrontation with very snide indirect comments.
H: Oh so you want some of HER jelly!?
D: You are so passive aggressive...
by D34THD34L3R November 14, 2017

Too scared (X)

So resort to veiled hostility?

Yes (X)
Helen: I'm not passive aggressive, John.
John: Could've fooled me, cause you've been ignoring me all day.
Helen: Whatever.
by BruhTwoPointO June 17, 2021
An adjective used to describe hiding aggressive intentions and actions with seemingly non aggressive intentions and actions.

An often misused and misunderstood term.
Mike- "Hey Rob can you help me paint the bathroom"?

Rob- "Sure Mike. I'd love to".

If Rob intentionally did a sloppy job because he didn't like Mike or didn't want to paint, it would be passive aggressive.
by nostawk March 15, 2010
Formerly associated with a particular psychological disorder stemming from years of percieved underappreciation and bitterness. A character flaw brought on by a person's inability to deal with their own bitterness, anger, or resentment in an assertive manner, thus, becoming a more passive form of hostility. See: petty, little bitch, worthless turd
This entry in urbandictionary is passive-aggressive because it was brought on by a coworker's passive-aggressive action against myself, and thus, is my form of counter attack. It is unlikely that the passive-aggressive asshat will see this, rendering such an action unassertive on my part, but it is highly probable that this will be seen by some more trustworthy coworkers and they will immediately empathize and agree that my definition (including the synonyms: little bitch and worthless turd) fully apply.
by QuietEar November 17, 2005
Some of the most obnoxious and arrogant people in the world. An antisocial personality trait that narcissistic but jealous & insecure people use to gain advantage, because they cannot reveal their true personality. They are usually seen as nice people but are very evil and manipulative underneath their mask.

The ultimate goal of a passive-aggressive person is to try and build a reputation of nobility around people, while surrounding themselves with these same people who they eventually manipulate and control into doing things for them. see: sycophants, toady. The people they control unknowingly become their robots (tools of manipulation) without their consent or own realization. Passive-Aggressive people are very reliant on popularity and people; so that you are not subjected to attack them or destroy their ego.

Their lives are often very superfluous, parasitic & self-indulgent. They prize institutions in society that promote equal opportunities; while taking no risks. They can even be so clever as to hijack the whole entire institution completely; without other people even noticing. They see the world and people as a chessboard/strategy game. They often know how to stir up events and manipulate situations while remaining completely invisible and sitting pretty. See: shit stirrer

Passive-Aggressors are basically very extroverted but clever psychopaths. They tend to thrive on potential cut-throat scenarios and are (most definitely) ruthless opportunists.
A passive-aggressive person usually tries to play on a persons' insecurities and bring out their weak points in order to get a rise out of their victim. They usually try to appear nice around people while doing this; even the victim, so everybody else is blinded to it, but you. They will often even try to manipulate and make their friends fight each other out of jealousy, to test their own ability and control over them and the group. While maintaining an outward appearance/reputation of innocence.

The key to dealing with a passive-aggressive person, is to never tell them your personal info; and always ignore or never respond to them. Or pretend to be nice. (never provoke an argument to a passive-aggressor; this is exactly what they want; in order to make you look bad) Passive-aggressive people are very dangerous. They are people that seek power, popularity and often play a divide & conquer game; giving other people around you false gifts (so those people will like the passive-aggressive person more than you) while simultaneously trying to patronize you or make you look bad. This is a tactic they use so that they can win popularity from people; while passively belittling you and making it seem that you have no credibility or reputation to attack them back; so no one will believe you when you counterattack out of self-defense. They are skilled at hijacking friends to turn the world against you.
by Shadow Spectre May 19, 2018