When you don't like dealing with people anymore and have officially given up on trying to be social to people so you avoid it all together
"All she does is sit at home, eat pizza and watch Netflix." "Yeah, she has an antisocial personality "
by Well that's nice October 20, 2015
Otherwise known as AsPD or more commonly, Sociopathy. Sociopaths, on contrary to common belief, are, in most cases, not criminals or murderers. Only severe sociopathy may result in crime. Sociopaths are people who disregard or violate rules of society, lacks guilt and empathy, and despite being impulsive, they are probably intelligent and charismatic.
One of my close friends has Antisocial Personality Disorder. She excels in Maths and psychology, though she constantly gets into hot water by her impulse. She values ratiocination and logical reasoning but do not understand how others feel.
by SkiPenguin April 3, 2014