act of doing something specifically to piss someone off, but with the cover of "I didn't realize it would bother you".
My roommate was talking shit on me, so when she was trying to study I blasted my music as loud as I could. I was being passive aggressive.
by shouvley May 10, 2007
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When someone tries to annoy or hurt someone verbally by saying a put down in a coy or apparent unaware way.
Your mom is passive aggressive. She always acts sweet and then suttley mentions my three abortions in a matter of fact way.
by Fes October 09, 2003
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a phrase that originally described indirect acts of aggression that either could not be traced to the actor or that could be ascribed to a benign, non-spiteful motivation. Once the phrase entered the popular lexicon, it has come to describe any action or inaction that the speaker dislikes but which the speaker cannot explain why the action is unjust or otherwise wrong.
The following are examples of passive aggressive behavior.
1. My lab mate did not like my not obeying his every wish, so he got back at me by sabotaging my experiments.

2. She was angry at me for declining her date invitation so, at the party, she bumped my glass spilling wine on my shirt and said that it was an accident.

The following is an example of how "passive aggressive" has come to be used in the popular lexicon.

Person 1: "OMG, he like totally refuses to put the toilet seat down after he uses it, and then he gives me dirty looks when I tell him he needs to do that."

Person 2: "Is it any more effort for you to put the toilet seat down than it is for him to put the toilet seat up to avoid peeing all over it?"

Person 1: "He's just so passive aggressive."
by gentimental March 28, 2011
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One who places an empty bowl of candy on the porch on Halloween.

Important Note: This is only considered spiteful, not passive-aggressive, unless the bowl is accompanied by a sign which reads, "Please take one"
I'm not going to place an example, but I am going to put out an empty bowl of candy with a sign that says, "Please take one." Why? Well, for one thing, it's pretty self-explanatory. But more importatnly, I'm passive-aggressive.
by hehehe666 October 30, 2005
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A defense mechanism that allows people who aren't comfortable being openly aggressive get what they want under the guise of still trying to please others. They want their way, but they also want everyone to still like them.
Jane: It's time to go, we really should get going now.

Passive Aggressive Ann: Oh...okay. I just...well okay, I GUESS we can leave now.

Jane: Ann, do you want to stay? Is that what you're trying to get at?

Passive Aggressive Ann: Huh? Oh no, we can leave if YOU want. I just didn't get to do everything I wanted to do yet, but no no, we can go I guess.

Jane: God dammit Ann! Fine, we'll stay, are you happy?

Passive Aggressive Ann: Oh okay! Yeah! That sounds great too!
(Ann got her way without having to openly ask for it)
by Miltonation March 15, 2008
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An adjective used to describe hiding aggressive intentions and actions with seemingly non aggressive intentions and actions.

An often misused and misunderstood term.
Mike- "Hey Rob can you help me paint the bathroom"?

Rob- "Sure Mike. I'd love to".

If Rob intentionally did a sloppy job because he didn't like Mike or didn't want to paint, it would be passive aggressive.
by nostawk March 15, 2010
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The term "passive-aggressive" was introduced in a 1945 U.S. War Department technical bulletin, describing soldiers who weren't openly insubordinate but shirked duty through procrastination, willful incompetence, and so on.
While everyone thought the young man was just dumb, the fact is he was merely being passive aggressive so he wouldn't have to do all of the work.
by Signmeup November 13, 2006
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