The call to arms, so to speak, for partying and raging.
Hey, I got the night off, lets get some booze and call the dealer, ITS PARTY TIME!
by barbertime December 11, 2008
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At any time of the day whether gettin fucked up nd wasted @ the bar, getting your grind on spitting game to some bitches @ the club, gettin high smoking a bowl w/ ur peeps, or just having the time of your life.. U say..... "It's Partyy Timeee Bitchezzz!!!"
Hey, Johnny.. What Time is it???? "It's Party Time Bitchezzz!!!"
by PartyTimeJohnny July 29, 2010
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A gangbang wherein five guys fuck one bitch. One dude is laying on his back on the ground, while he fucks the broad's asshole as he holds her hips. The second guy is standing up and fucking the girl's pussy, as the bitch is arched up a notch while being fucked in the ass by the first guy. The other three guys are standing over on the other side, as the one in the middle is getting sucked off and the two guys beside him are being jacked off by the chick.

That, folks, is a party time.
Shit, guys, that cunt is so fucking wasted that she's up for a party time with all of us.
by Anthony King August 17, 2007
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When you're in a bar and you see loads of women that are game and you know you're gonna get laid
"oh my god have you seen those three sluts at the bar checking us out? it's fucking party time!!"
by sproodley meads August 20, 2007
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When a girl does not want to have sex so you instead stick your penis in her butt cheeks like a hot dog in a bun.
"Hey baby lets go fuck"
"Im not ready for sex"
"Okay can we still have some party time"
"If you must"
by Mikey Peanut November 29, 2011
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a game played by sitting on the ground across from someone with your legs spread. you take turns lobbing the ball at their private parts. if someone flinches then you get to throught the ball at them with only their face covered. best played with a ball made of duct tape.
hey greg, lets play a few rounds of party time.
by nick June 11, 2003
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This is typically a work-related event that you know you have a real good time. Still, you need to tell you're significant other that this is a mandatory work event where there are networking opportunities with centers of influence, also the potential for political gerrymandering, but primarily it's just a good time.
Nancy has been out multiple times this week, but she wasn't going to miss this critical work event and decided to go even though she is tired. The trick is going to be in explaining to her main man Dutch that this wasn't just another Mandatory Party Time.
by Hixxz68 November 24, 2019
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