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When someone has really bad ADHD
Tyler: Yo what’s wrong with Drew.
Will: Oh nothing he just has Parkin.
by Jack_Mehoff123 November 19, 2018
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When you find a nice romantic spot for you and your shorty, and proceed to convice her to get in the back seat so that you can be "more comfortable" and then next thing you're rippin off her skirt and doin the nasty.

The country boy's way of getting into a city girl's pants.

What high school students do to "make out" or "get some" without having to do it at home.

Not to be confused with "parking" which is the act of stopping your automobile and putting it into park.
Yo dawg. We went parkin last night and GOT IT ON!

Yeah, last night after the bar, me and Katie went down Ole Orchard Road parkin...Then we sat on our tailgate and drank some more Stag.

Like oh my me and Andy went parkin last night after the football game and he told me he LOVED me! So I totally melted and we totally like made out...
by CristinaD June 24, 2004
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Someone whom abides by all the rules of being a scene kid, yet lacks the appearance of one.
Hey Tom is that a Parkins?"
"Sure is, cant you tell by the blue M&S jeans and the polo shirt, that is of course if you can hear the BMTH blaring out his technika headphones"
"What a douche
by Punkrocker202 August 14, 2009
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Slang for: Park 'n' Ride
A slang term for a spirited, slightly slutty wench with the surname, 'Parker.'
A derogatory, but affectionate term used when wench in question absents herself to engage in sexual misdemeanours with an unknown male.
"Where is Hannah?"
"...the car?"
"No. Park'n'Ride."
by Parkin September 27, 2015
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1) to initiate a construction project where any or all of the tools required must first be repaired.

I went to drill a hole, only to find I'd been parkin'd, and the plug end had been cut off the drill to repair a lamp.
by Mark Turk October 26, 2007
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