Super strain of Ebola
Highly dangerous
Guy1: I have Parabola

Guy2: Oh shit get away
by Parabola expert April 20, 2017
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A type of face one makes when angry. Involves the mouth frowning downwards to form an 'n' shape. Various different types e.g human parabola where the body also forms the structure of a parabola at the same time as the mouth.
Allan got angry so pulled off an enormous parabola.
by Eimho November 2, 2011
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1.A plane curve formed by the intersection of a right circular cone and a plane parallel to an element of the cone or by the locus of points equidistant from a fixed line and a fixed point not on the line.

2. A guys dick. Term ushually used in math class when working on Parabola's on the graphing calculator and used in funny situations with the math teacher, Mr.Zobel and surounding boys.
"Can i feel your parabola?"

"Man your parabola is huge!"

"Did you see Austin's parabola in math today? It was soooo big!"

"Man Josh went to work on his Parabola today! Did you see him?"
by MeganM October 13, 2004
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A mathmatical graph originated by the ancient greeks some two thousand years ago and still inflicted upon unsuspecting high school students today. Vastly inferior to the hyperbola, of course.
Math geek: I'm not merely eccentric, I'm a parabola!

Math teacher: now, class, graph this equation on your TI-83 calculators and tell me what kind of parabola it is.
Class: *groans*
by Blah November 26, 2003
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The cooliest most awsome graphed equation in math. Everyone knows it has one squared term and a postive one forms a happy face and negitive one forms a sad face.
by mike June 26, 2003
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When a girl's legs are incapable of closing properly. Her knees may touch but her thighs do not, leaving a massive parabola shaped gap under her vagoo. Usually accompanied by expansive hips and little-to-no ass.
- Check out that girl, she's like totally bowlegged or something.

- No man, she's got a parabola tootie!

- What a whore …

by Ass-hed January 24, 2009
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The wide swing of the arm when a douchebag goes in for a handshake. The less secure in their masculinity, the further the arc.
Gregory swung his arm around at a wide angle before grabbing my hand and shaking it roughly. The full "needle-dick's parabola," as Socrates called it.
by UN~MUDO~POCO March 2, 2021
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