164 definitions by Blah

The coolest girl in the whole world. Often named caitlin. She is amazingly beautiful, smart, cool and her sister is nice too. Eveyone loves someone who is a pudgyhead.
Caitlin is SUCH a pudgyhead.
by Blah November 28, 2003
really gay, like extemely homosexual
That guy is so ewan.
by Blah October 28, 2004
An antonym of the Di$ney of today.
Disney is NOT supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
by Blah August 9, 2003
getten hyped up or getten excited over somthin
matt got jew'd up after the fight.
by Blah March 21, 2005
a word you use when your friends annoy you. also when they do something that really really pisses you off
Why did Lauren do that?
Cuz shes a gayass
by Blah March 11, 2004
new canaan owns darien in sports... nc dominates soccer, hockey, lax, football every year consistently, what is wrong with you
Um, new canaan owns d-bagers
by Blah April 5, 2005
albin, is a cool guy, who enjoys watching sunsets, drinking dr. pepper, drugs are bad
Hey, person, your very cool, so your a albin
by Blah August 27, 2004