When something is exagerrated, and/or totally beyond reality. Mostly used in South Florida by Cubans.
Oye did you see Jurassic World, that woman ran away from a T-Rex in high heels. Tremendo paquete.
by Floopston July 17, 2015
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1. someone who is a loser and no one likes
2. a friend who is making a fool of themselves
3. someone you dont like
1. esos manes son demaciado paquetes no les hables
2. ayala vida que paquete te caistes
3. ew ahi viene el paquete de daniel
by srugahcja March 2, 2018
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a colombian way of sayin someone's a wanna-be, false, materialistic, shallow loser. Only used in Bogota
Ese man es un paquete
by C March 5, 2005
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Paquet is best CO detector destroyer in the whole damn world. He is very skilled at skiing and loves to be the captain of his majestic boat named the FA PAQUET. When Paquet talks to you, he will always look about an inch next to your face and laching a «TAbarnak » once or twice. Paquet will always be there to punch Antoine if he is anoying or even boud when he does too much coco. Paquet is also a great hunter and loves to take the FA PAQUET on a ride when bin chaud with his friends. Him and his friends will always be ready to go the lac walker with the tacoma bin chaudaille. Love u poquet <3
What is Paquet doing on his sled shirtless?!
Wooow that’s a beautiful Paquet you got there!
Aweille au shack à Paquet!
by Daveyayaya123 November 24, 2021
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the act of leaving your squad in a game of fortnite to attempt to 1v4 or searching for loot in a completely different area because you think you're Tfue, only to die resulting in a loss for your squad because of your -1 squad member disadvantage that could've been avoiding if said player would stick with the team
Bro where are you going, you're paqueting out.

Just ignore what he's doing he's paqueting out
by Bdude471 November 26, 2018
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A very interesting person who talks about so many things I can't keep track of all of them. Or is that just cuz I don't listen to them?
by Yert_Yert_Yert June 21, 2017
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