beautiful , dyosa
viene is such a dyosa
by gbjaian July 17, 2016
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Nicest person in the world. Loved by everyone.
No one is more amazing than Vien.
Whos that girl with all the guys crowded around her, o its Vien.
by drumboy957 September 14, 2006
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The act of collecting female ejaculate by two finger stimulation.
Smell my fingers because i just pulled a Vinegar Vien
by CrotchPuppet November 21, 2008
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The pub located in Saigon where everyone wants to find their real love but end up meeting their fake love and complaining about it all day long
Girl A: Hey, want to go to bhm (short form of boheme bui vien) tonight?

Girl B: Sure, I want to have a real love!

1 month later:

Girl B: Oh my God do you believe that the boy I've met in bhm 1 month ago kissing another girl right now!
by Harryluong April 9, 2018
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small dicked entity, incapable of thinking outside the sexual realm
"How did your hookup go with that one guy at the party."
"He was a total Peter Vien."
"Damn that sucks."
by checkmysilvacuumia October 30, 2017
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