The act of sticking a finger (usually a pinkie) up a mans dickhole
Did Jenny real give Jim an Arkansas Fishing rod. Yeah heard he couldn't pee for 3 days.
by Dspice October 20, 2016
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Cam's Fishing Rod is a very unknown shock video sent on discord of people sticking their hands up two men's assholes and pulling the insides of the arse out causing them to prolapse, After this they stick the two men's insides together during this the two men are heavily moaning. It then cuts to them playing with the anus, ending in an "anus kiss" of sorts, the start of the video has a fishing rod creating a very high pitch sound to hurt the person's ears. earliest version being sent by a user called Cam. This is one of the more tame shock video's but can still leave a lasting impact.

Either sent blank without any context, with the context of 'informing them' of what it i,. or to bait people into thinking its about fishing.
Guy 1 : You Like fishing?
Guy 2 : yeah
Guy 1 : Aw man did you see Cam's Fishing Rod?
Guy 2 : Who's?
Guy 1 : I'll show you
*2-3 minutes later*
Guy 1 : did you like it?
by YourAverageDisappointment August 30, 2021
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A inexpensive or low budget rod owned by any fisher-person not having an expensive G.loomis fishing pole.

Any fishing rod that is not a G Loomis.

A term used by those that own G. Loomis fishing poles.
"You can't fish that POS Fishing Rod next to my G Loomis- go elsewhere."

"Don't let Keith get in the boat. He brought his POS Fishing Rod again."
by Z-ManZZzzz January 23, 2012
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it’s where you take the hook of a fishing rod and stick it up a dudes ass and take out their intestines and eat good.
dude:i did the gay fishing rod and i havent shit for three weeks
by eelijah._ January 8, 2022
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the definition is that this is a pain to get in terraria so use heros mod or you will suffer for eternity (totally not eternity mode.) The Defined is golden fishing rod because yes.
THIS IS A PAIN TO GET. DONT EVEN TRY. define rule for dictionary is annoying. the defined of golden fishing rod is pain.
by Checkmarkplayz March 2, 2023
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A paticular fishing rod used by fish on the Internet to get likes on their Facebook page by stealing content that isn't theirs.
SoFloAntonio: "hey look a video of a child biting another child's finger, with my fishing rod here I will just simply steal this video and post it on my Facebook page and get all the credit"
by Therightchoice May 2, 2016
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