A very literate Mexican often found in Northern parts of California and Arizona. The term is based off of the racist discriminative word, "Wetback," which is referring to a Mexican.
Dude! You know Hakeem, that black/Mexican kid? He's such a Paperback!! He reads like five books a day!
by Cake Brownie June 17, 2009
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Soft, halfhearted, flimsy, weak, easy to discard or replace
Those paperback friends of yours arent worth shit.
by Forceone June 04, 2011
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The act of recieving a test with a note that says "See Me After Class". You cannot deny what the teacher desires for you, so of course, you go. Your teacher then proceeds to underdress slowly. Eventually you and your teacher begin to have violent intercourses.

This usually ends in an expulsion for the teacher and student.
-Hey dude, did ya hear the news about Johnny?
-Naw bro, what happened?
-Mr.Jones told him to stay after class, and then gave him a paperback!
-DUDE! Is Johnny okay?
by YOBOIPER December 13, 2010
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this term describes another person in the sense of romantic appeal. Meaning cheap, easy to trash or able to toss out, possibly not worth the time or money.
she is okay but her friend is a total paperback
by Master Woodog January 05, 2011
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A person who has everything they need but stills whines about having a crappy life/ not having something.
Jim: Mannn I want the new iphone 4s my iphone 4 is soo slooowww
Tim: Stop being such a paperback bitch

Douchebag: FML dude
Friend: Dude you have everything you need, you make your life seem like shit when there are other people with actual problems, your being a paperback bitch
by realtalk_69 February 23, 2012
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A book of collected comics. The difference between a trade paperback and a graphic novel is that the graphic novels come out as stand-alone books, whereas trade paperbacks come out as comics first and then are collected as trade paperbacks.
I love the New 52 Batman Court of Owls trade paperback that I got at the comic book store today!
by ComicBookFacts May 06, 2014
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