A portmanteau of the words pan and banter.

It is used to describe any and all forms of pan based banter and often in reference to having to down a boiling pan or multiple boiling pans of an alcoholic beverage.

The word was initially coined in Shakespeare's Hamlet and has become commonplace in the English language from the late 1600s onward.
Example 1:
Horatio was being a bloody lad and had to down 6 pans of vodka and kas ... panter (Hamelt, Act 2, Scene 5)

Example 2:
Lost your wallet - that's a pan
Overly large forehead - that's 2 pans
HIV positive - that's a pain
Brain damage - that's a pan to catch your dribble
Instrument for writing with ink - that's a pen

The above is panter.
by vodkaandkas July 16, 2011
Panter is another word for partner or refering to a member of the opposite sex as a sex panther.
Example 1:

"Yo Joe"
"Sup Aidan"

"This chick last night was a panter!"

"Woah the fuck.."

Example 2:

Girl: "I really love you panter"
Guy: "You're the worlds best panter"
by spunk1606 October 17, 2009
A teal haired senior at CHS with large baggy pink pants. He often speaks of smoking his bong in the center console of his shitty Buick and warding off the cops while high. He frequently wears pajama pants to school and he wears a pink taper instead of an actual guage. He used to color coordinate his taper, hair, and pants; not so stylish ey? In other words, he is a tool and potentially fixable by literal or metaphorical castration.
Pink Panters frequently blow thrity-five year old men that are balding.
by kfeaaa March 15, 2009
Liam Panter is a really good friend and an even better kisser. He’s so sweet and lovely and will always play Fortnite with you when you are feeling down in the dumps. Liam is probably a senior in high school and he’s definitely hot stuff to all the kids on campus. If your name is Liam Panter you definitely love to run and you are really good at cross country and track. Did I mention you also good at baseball?? Be mindful because Liam Panter tends to wear the same shirt/hoodie everyday. But trust me when I say that if you are close to a Liam he will never let you go. Typically, Liam’s preferred mode of contact is TeamApp.
Girl- Did you see that Liam Panter?? Wowee he sure is one tall glass of water… yummmy!
Boy- Man, I love Liam Panter!!
by liamfan69 October 2, 2022
The way someone with a speech impediment would pronounce the Panzerkampfwagen V "Panther"
Bill: Hey man, what's your favorite tank?
Kurt (with impediment): I like the Panter
by Kampfgruppe April 24, 2017
On a game called kaiju paradise 2 friends were playing but then one if them truned into panther but it looked crused they came up with the name panter
Panter >:D
by Nesek305 April 23, 2022