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in Tyler Joseph's eyes, the man who killed your grandfather when you were nine, the pantaloon is also your father.
person 1: yeah I heard he became the pantaloon.
person 2: damn, he must be crazy now.
by that fangirl February 13, 2018
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A garment that is worn on the legs. Pantaloons generally fasten around the waist and reach to the ankles.
by Licktheoutlet July 20, 2005
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pants in general, or more specifically, pants which are so big that they look like a balloon around your legs.
omg, those pantaloons look ridiculous on you!
by Rosepartymix August 14, 2007
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Sophisticated version of pants meaning something that is not particularly desirable. Interchangable with trousers. A fun alternative that will have your friends in stitches....
Jimmy dumped you? Oh no, that's pantaloons.
by Han and Jen October 21, 2005
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A song by the smol bean Tyler Joseph. The song starts with him saying his grandad died when he was 9 and he thinks it was the pantaloon
The pantaloon is his father

This is a song btww
Your grandpa died when you we're 9

You have learnt way to soon you should never trust the pantaloon
Your dad is now the pantaloon
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