A shorter more cuter word for pandemic
(The word was stlen from some girl from twitter,i had to put it on urban)
Girl we’re in the middle of the panny
by Epicureanhoe November 10, 2020
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Someone who does not do a certain thing so therefore is a panny. Someone who should just man up. The word is popular in Aberdeen Scotland.
by galnas September 8, 2011
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Shortened Australian for "Pandemic". Fundamentally most Aussies are too lazy to say anything that has more than two syllables.
During the panny, we were in iso for so long it was mad bro!
by Kuncho July 20, 2020
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Someone whose actions/statements do not warrant a well thought out insult and instead merely require the off-handed "panny".
Heard of Neale Farman? Boy's a panny.

Anybody want to go see Sex and the City 2? Panny.
by Axe Backflip December 14, 2010
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A shortened version of panic attack A way to describe being stressed out or worried about something.
I'm having a panny.

I'm gonna panny.

You're making me panny.

Panny level is red right now.
by meaganmcc June 19, 2008
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Girl ''This curry is too spicy!''

Boy ''Get it in your panny!''
by Ridgeway February 4, 2011
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