(v.) - To make a paintbrush motion with one's dick on a woman's vagina. A man does this when he is either put in a predicament in which he does not want to engage in sexual intercourse or he is simply out of condoms and wants to play it safe.
"She just dropped her pants and bent over. I didn't know what to do so I just paintbrushed her for a little bit."

"I ran out of condoms, and I do not want any kids so i just paintbrushed her clit a bit."
by KrizAlin1 October 25, 2009
A paintbrush is a knife of any sort. Since when you stab someone blood comes out and tends to go everywhere. This comes from the youngbloods of zagreb.
My G got a new paintbrush, call him vincent van gogh.
by Jeremy Winger October 22, 2020
When a man pops a woman's cherry and dick slaps someone with his blood soaked erection painting the side of their face.
She kept screaming from the pain so I gave her a paintbrush.
by SplittingThingInHalf February 20, 2012
halfway between the degridation of an open handed bitch slap and a full on punch. to slap someone with a semi closed fist where the hand is in the shape it would be if one were holding a paintbrush.
Stephine was talking mad shit at the party, so Caitlin walked up and gave that bitch a paintbrush in the mouf.
by bsffreak May 10, 2008
When your double teaming a girl and you need to rotate, and you accidentally slap your homie in the face with your cock
Yeah man, we were double teaming that bitch, and I ended up accidentally Paintbrushing John.
by tristan.no.cap January 10, 2020
slang for a sexual motion to slimuate the clitorris of a woman with the tongue, a motion a man does on a women when he takes his tongue and goes straight down her clitoris
That head was so fire, he did the paintbrush on me gurl!
by tmillzillwill January 10, 2008
when a guy gets hard he cockslaps a girl in the face, wiping the pre-cum across her face, much like a painter paints a portrait
ima paintbrush yo face girl
by whiteface May 19, 2010