An addictive team sport, but not just a sport. It brings out the instinctual need to survive, release stress, and all the while having fun. It teaches integrity, gun and personal safety, teamwork, confidence, problem-solving, fair play and constantly moving strategies amidst the presence of chaos (basically all this, while people are shooting at you or vice versa). I have seen players as young as 10 years old with supervision, to the age of 54 and players skills from new to professionals. Where else can you shoot your family, friends, coworkers and strangers, and after awhile enjoy their company and stories from the day or the past glorious games in great fun.
teamwork, chaos, addictive, team sport, paintball marker, marker, capture the flag, elimination,
by PZ 654 May 13, 2007
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A game in which opposing teams use CO2 operated guns to propel a ball filled with paint at one another. When you are hit with the "paintball" you are considered "out of the game". This continues until the requiered objective is complete(usually capturing a flag or eliminating the entire opposing team).Special games of "Speedball" are often played where the players are in close proximity to each other, often using inflatable "bunkers" as thier only cover. The guns or "markers" as they are often referred to as, use CO2 or Nitro as a propellant for the shperical shaped projectile or "paintball". When fired at a high velocity, they are known to bruise or even break bare skin. This is why there is a common limit to how hard they can shoot usually around 300fps.
Now stop acting like little bitches arguing over whos better and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!
by matt August 23, 2003
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A Sport.

A Lifestyle.

There is nothing like it in the world. The comradery, the teamwork, the family, the energy. It's absolutely amazing. You get on the field, butterflies in your stomach, ready to shoot some people in the face. You look at your opponents who are ready to do what they do. You glance at your teammates, with fire in their eyes. This is what you live for. Nothing matters but this. Right now. With your family. Working together to achieve a goal. This is paintball.

Love it, for it is what you live for.
Paintball is life.

Airsoft is death.
by BigBalla89 July 23, 2006
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Best sports never invented ! Some people play speedball, fast, with a lot of action and some play recball, in wood, more tactic. Some shoot 15 bps some don't. oh and btw .. if you never played paintball ... go start now and don't ask yourself why your life is boring !
People playing paintball on a supair are speedballers...
by PaintballMontreal October 21, 2005
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The worlds fastest growing sport, basaiclly a ball the size of marble filled with paint is shot out of a barrel at 290-300 fps, it hurts when you get hit but its barreable. Most people that dislike this sport are FUCKING CUNTS that have no balls and can take no pain, they say that this is a excuse and a joke compared to the militay when more than likely they are just hippies that eat no meat (except the cock) and burn flags.
I googed that idiot accross the field as he ran!
by Joe Bob March 30, 2005
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One of the worlds fastest growing extreme sports. The game consists of using markers to propel a animal fat/food colouring filled ball at opposing players. Basically, laser tag, but with ammunition. Paintball can be played in many formats, the two most popular being speedball (professional paintball, played on a field of balloon-type bunkers) and woodsball (played in the bush). Contrary to popular opinion, paintball is one of the safest mainstream sports, safer than baseball or even bowling. Almost all paintball injuries are caused by morons, whether they are stupid enough to remove thier mask during a game, or forgetting to put a safety plug in their gun between games.
I went and played a couple hours of paintball today. I've got a few good welts, but nothing major.
by Weens July 18, 2006
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