A game that owns airsoft. Paintball has evolved over many years and now has become one of the safest and popular extreme sports out there. Paintball companies have also evolved over the years from the old impulse looking markers to the new slim dm7. Paintball is usually played by all ages ten and up but has mostly seeked popularity by the teenager age group. There are two types of markers, pnumatic and blowback. The blowbacks use a trip sear to trip a hammer that hits a cup seal that lets air through a valve into the bolt and propells the ball. One type of pnumatic markers are the stack tube design that uses a sonlinoid to propel the ram to hit a cup seal and have air flow through the valve and out the bolt this technology is mostly used throuought MOST markers with exception with the spool type markers such as the ion.
Hoppers are what drives the ball into the breech. Anormal gravity hopper uses the force of gravity to have the paintballs fall into a hole in the hopper. Electric hoppers have batteries that ensure a faster feed rate of the paintballs. There are three types of electric hoppers a revy type hopper, a semi forcefed hopper, and a forced fed hopper. A revy is a hopper that is not force fed but has a moter that swirls the paintballs around in the hopper making it easier for them to fall in the hole in the hopper. The semi force fed hopper uses a runway or a path that the impeller shoves paintballs through they are more effective because it does not allow paintballs to pop back up the feed neck. Force fed hoppers are hoppers that use a run way and usually a drive cone that keeps tension on the ball stack.
Tanks are used to hold either CO2 or compressed air which are used to propell the paintball. CO2 is often used bylowend guns or blowbacks since if fired too often the CO2 can turn liquid causing potential damage. The CO2 alternative is the compressed air. Compressed air is just air thats put through a compressor to output as much as 5000 psi. DO NOT PUT OIL IN THE FILL NIPPLE just dont and you will be fine.
There are two types of paintball, woods ball,and speedball. Woodsball is anything but speedball. Speedball is played with air filled bunkers usually on astroturf and is more aggressive and high paced than woodsball.
One reason that airsoft sucks is that it is just a whole bunch of people that are playing army. If there really interested, join the army for all I care. Its basically a sport for people that are afraid to get a welt thats bigger than a dime. Do you see pro airsoft on TV I dont ecause airsoft is too gay its so gay they cant show it on TV.
GO XSV!!!!
paintball is cooler than airsoft

Source: derek506, California
paintball is better than airsoft
by derek506 December 24, 2006
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a Legit sport where over 20 million people play constantly- and thats just in the United States. Pro tournaments, paid players, traveling the world.


Im going to play World Cup this year with ......(pick your team, im not going to say my real team- ok ECM)...........

I paintball and I airsoft, and I believe paintballs better and more of a sport
by Strait Outta 301 July 13, 2009
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A testicular disease which affects only artists and housepainters.
Won't you please give all you can to stop paintball in our lifetime? Phones are now open!
by Madmann October 08, 2005
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A version of tag however participants utilize gas powered markers to tag the opposing team with paintballs, small non-permanantpaint filled gelatin spheres. Paintball has several un-unified pro leagues and is constantly growing. This activity is not to inflict pain on people nor was it designed to relfect war or combat although paintball markers have been used for military applications, that should not be the popular image to this fast paced game. Considered a sport by some and a silly game by others, paintball can be played by anyone and includes many levels of playing ranging from completley new players to local tournaments to pro competitons and events around the world.
Paintball is what I love.
by Someone who knows paintball. September 06, 2008
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A massive turd that hits the back of the bowl with such force that it takes several flushes to break it down.
HOLY GOD! That turd is plastered against the back wall of the toilet like a paintball!

Must have been the Mus 2nd Hole.
by Mus May 15, 2007
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"A dumb fucking "sport" played with "guns" that in reality are a gadget that shoots "paintballs", the eponyms of note.
This game takes on an eerie and all together too close for this author's comfort resemblance to small unit tactics that this author practised when this author was in his country's armed forces...
The players of this "game" are usually wealthy overgrown adolescents that have yet to grow up; Also, one finds the washouts and unsuitables that can't make it into their own country's armed forces...
The ones that think that this is a great game should try carrying a Rifle, a Full and HEAVY Rucksack, Tactical load bearing webbing, and a STEEL HELMET THAT WEIGHS MORE FOR EVERY SECOND YOU WEAR THE FUCKING THING!!!
The Rich and Powerful like Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, and Princes should do this themselves, and get their family members in on the fun. It won't go on for long...Paintball! What a ridiculous excuse for reality!!!"
Someone quoted this about paintball and i would just like to let them know that paintball isn't just for "wealthy overgrown adolesents." most real players of this sport aren't even that rich! In fact, hardly any hardcore paintball player has a high income. It's just that we love this fantastic sport and we prefer to spend our money on paintball than our car, girlfriend, etc. And another thing, some of the people I play with, including myself, are/were in the military, so we know what it feels like to have all that weight on us. So you can go kiss my ass if you don't like this sport, which by the way is ranked the third most extreme sport.
Some are Christian, others are Buddhists, a couple may be Muslim, but my religion is Paintball.
by BWA September 06, 2005
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sick ass sport in which 2 teams start out with there co2 tanks touching the deadbox and then the ref calls "this game will be live in 3,2,1 go go go!!!" and hell no this game is not even close to getting ready to die because its a pretty much brand new sport overall this new sport is very fun and i give it a thumbs up a good brand/compony for beginner or pro is spyder or ion spyders dont necisarily have the greatest sensi touch next to smart parts {ions} my favorite teams right now would have to be sacremento xsv or san diego dynasty dynasty is the best in the world right now even though they lost ollie lang but overall i give this game a 10 out of 10 id recomend goin to splatfactory in brea,ca or sc village in carona,ca
dude 1:dude lets go paintballin

dude 2:ok let me get my chest protector

dude 1:wow,what a pussy
by mii mii mii key!!!!!! November 16, 2006
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