The gang that came from chicago. It started back in the 60's by jeff fort a local black panther then was relocated to the baldwin hills section of west l.a. by T.Rodgers then the area was later named the Jungles.BPS stands 4 Black P Stone
on bps lets go murk them crab ass niggaz
by ck no joke April 15, 2005
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A blood gang in south central los angeles in da area called the jungles. It came from chicago.
there go dem slob ass niggas from bps.
by MIMIC/THE MESSIAH March 11, 2004
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balls per second, as in paintball
a gun that shoots 17 bps can please any girl!
by justin June 27, 2004
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abbreviation for "baby penis syndrome"
meaning a condition involving male genitalia less than or equal to that of an infant
Damn SC, Tom really has BPS!
by Workville April 6, 2003
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he is in the BPS
by s. December 11, 2003
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baby penice syndrom (a kid w/ a babys penice)
cole fisher has bps
by Anonymous April 11, 2003
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