To engage in a marijuana smoke session. To Medicate.
Paint It!!!!!!!!!
Lets Paint It.....
by Pelix February 8, 2010
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The greatest art package of all time. Ships with versions of wordwindows/word. Pictures created in Paint often look like they were drawn by children.
I drew an awesome picture in Paint!
by Dr Ian April 10, 2003
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I need a twenty from you.

You want that hard or that paint?
by Free Baser October 26, 2011
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The Paint

Basketball slang referring to the key.
Most likely to be used when playing street ball

Lots of bitch ass niggas, like Waka Flocka Flames, like to think that they "go hard" in the paint, when in reality; they do not.
I go hard in da paint, leave you stankin', what the fuck you thankin'
- Waka Flocka

LeBron James goes hard in the paint
by rzhhhh November 4, 2011
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Vinny: Yo look at Jon, he's going hard in the paint.

Tony: Yeah, he's already got 4 layups in straight from the paint.

Vinny: Jon dominates in the paint.
by theycallmevita November 18, 2010
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sexual term used by gay men to describe the painting(shitting) on a penis....usually when a bottom is not cleansed or the penis goes in too deep.
Leon and Antonio were having sex and Antonio went in too deep and Leon painted on Antonios penis.
by A&T Student December 6, 2004
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To be extremely intoxicated beyond one's own knowing.
When we get to the bar, we're getting f--king painted!
by bkbiggame September 3, 2014
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