A coloqiualism indicating a hightened state of inebriation, intoxication or any other debilitaing state resulting from inbibing excess amounts of alcohol. See wrecked, trashed, bladdered, trollied and wasted.
Dude, last night I woke up in a skip filled with mousetraps and shoelaces. We must have got totally painted.

Person 1: Glasses?
Person 2: Check
1: Ice?
2: Check
1: Various intoxicating liquors?
2: Check
1: Right, let's get painted
by Smee07 November 30, 2007
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When a gay man expels himself during sexual intercourse.
That bitch painted my wood last night.

Don't sleep with him, he paints ALL the kids.
by Eddie B3 February 27, 2008
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When a man unleashes a massive load of cum on an unsuspecting girl and her face is completely covered.
I haven't had sex in weeks, that bitch Megan is totally going to get her face painted tonight.
by John Killer July 20, 2008
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Having bowel movement during or after anal sex
While having anal sex with here, when I pulled out he painted all over me!!!
by exocomp February 04, 2018
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