Long ago in the year 1990 A.D. 5 Priests told of a messiah who will be the savior all of mankind when the world is on the brink of armageddon. When the planet is devastated by the forces of evil he will answer the plea mankind showing himself through boiling clouds of thunder while blasting bolts of steel and he will have his vengeance on the wicked.

He is said to be half man and half machine and rides upon a metal monster who breathes smoke and fire.
Those who claimed to have saw him say he is "faster than a laser bullet, louder than an atom bomb, chromium plated boiling metal, and brighter than a thousand suns."

Before returning to the heavens he will free all who are imprisoned and enslaved and resurrect all who were killed.
He is the Painkiller,
This is the Painkiller,
Can't stop the Painkiller.
by wildblues April 7, 2010
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A deathstreak perk in Modern Warfare 2 that boosts health at spawn after four deaths in a row. Used by noobs and those who just want to be generly annoying.
Euan: Man I hate painkiller
Jack: Yeah, y'know what im gonna do?
Euan: What?
Jack: Im gonna go to Infinity Ward's HQ, give all the staff penicillin, then spray my RPD and see how long they survive!
by Wee Minstrel April 13, 2010
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The best album Judas Priest ever released! Also the lineup whom did that album is also the current one.
by Anthony Scrima August 17, 2004
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An agent, such as an analgesic drug, that relieves pain.
Paula: I have a terrible headache, Emilio: Why don't you take a painkiller?
by Jonathan Figueroa April 11, 2006
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drugs used to relieve pain. some are taken recreationally for their mind-altering effects, such as morphine, percocet, and vicodin.
eddie's doctor prescribed him some codeine-containing painkillers for his back pains, but eddie found himself still taking it long after his pain had went away.
by b-low July 23, 2006
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In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 when someone dies multiple times in a row and has three time amount of normal health. Definitely the gayest of all death streaks. Usually occurs when your team is raping the shit out of the other team.
Guy 1:I tried to kill that guy, but he has has painkiller.

Guy 2:What a bitch..he sucks dick

Guy 1:Let's rape him anally.
by DirtyPugsley March 21, 2010
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