Style of Pregaming originated in Towson University in West Hall by C-4. This style requires a limited amount of people that take shots consecutively in a batting order. After nine innings of shots the group will decide whether or not to continue. Members can decide to continue or have some one "Designated Hit" for them. The drinking goes on until there is no more liquor or the group decides to stop playing in extra innings. In any game the drinkers are the winners.
C-4 went through the lineup and had a great time last night.
by C-4 December 3, 2007
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A police technique in which a handful of people fitting a similar description are stood in a line together for a witness of a crime to see. The witness is then supposed to pick out the perp.
They had to let the suspect walk after the witness couldn't pick him out of a lineup.
by creaternity May 3, 2006
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A queue of prostitutes, often of varying ethnicity and hair color, arranged linearly against a flat surface, normally a facade, for the purpose of offering patrons a very wide selection. The lineup is most commonly seen in the area that is common to various gentlemen's clubs, and the prostitutes are normally just getting off their gentlemen club shifts to make some extra money.

The biggest problem with the lineup is the patrons have to find somewhere nearby (outside) after making their selection. The lineup is most commonly found in cities like Atlanta, Miami, and Las Vegas.
Yo, Tisha, it's dead tonight. I'm gonna have to hit up the lineup later if I'm going to even break even.

I know dat's right.

Don't bother payin' for a lap dance. For a few extra dollars we can hit up the lineup afterwards.
by TomHat October 17, 2009
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the area beyond the breaking waves where surfers wait for a ride.
With all these people out, the lineup is too tight.
by Nick Victim April 30, 2004
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The peanut butter, butter, steak, humus, fruit, and other various knives linedup on the sink due to chronic laziness, all left to be reused in the pursuit of saving on your hydro bill.
Jess: Check out this knife lineup! Who the fuck is going to clean that up ?
by 313vagina March 5, 2009
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The main members in your squad
Hey man youre in my "squad lineup" now
by jjlj February 16, 2015
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Technique for suspect identification used by some (one) Law Enforcement agencies, involving a lineup compromised of photographs of suspect rectums.

The state of Louisiana is credited for the first instance of the technique, and maintains a growing database.
The police department identified the suspect using a Louisiana lineup.
by Fing Steve June 21, 2019
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