When someone is shot in the skull.
He needs a painkiller.
by Andrew Briggs January 31, 2004
a drink made from rum, pineapple juice, coconut milk and sprinkled with nutmeg. the drink is popular in the caribbean and was purportedly created by the soggy dollar bar on jost van dyke in the british virgin islands.
if you drink too many painkillers, you won't be able to swim back to the boat.
by tfuro October 23, 2008
A bad ass fucker that dont take shit from anyone
PAINkiler will whip your ass if you dont back off
by PAINkiler April 20, 2006
Painkiller Already, often abbreviated to PKA is a gaming podcast hosted by three gamer YouTubers (WoodysGamertag, WingsofRedemption and Kyle aka FPS Russia). Although it is a gaming podcast, they usually share really interesting stories, talk about current events, movies and other interesting topics. Each week a different guest is invited onto the show. Some notable guests include DeStorm, Harley from EpicMealTime and MMA fighter Joe Lauzon.
Me listening to Painkiller Already

WoodysGamertag : Hypothetical situation. You're married. You and your wife switch bodies. Would you have sex just to check it out?

Guest : Hell yeah I would.

Wings : What if she wants anal?

/hilarity ensues
by overX January 12, 2012
When you take painkillers, in relatively large doses and feel 'Drunk' as a result.
Man, I was up all night with a head ache, now I'm Tired High and Painkiller Drunk
by hoffasaurusx March 17, 2009
The act of soothing a girls headache by giving her an asprin, inserting your penis in her ear and thrusting back and forth until you climax, then she uses your sperm to help swallow the asprin.
Baby my migrane wont go away, will you give me a pen island painkiller.
by Nick Whipps April 21, 2008
Person 1: I like so much painkiller
Person 2: wtf
Person 1: I mean three days grace song
Person 2: ohh... ok.
by three lines March 20, 2020