a catholic or holy person that is a virgin and that wont have sex because they believe in abstinence or wont to save sex for sumone special.
adam: i wanna tap one of those girls
james: not possible, there all padlock catholics
adam: fuck sake!
by funkygayl June 26, 2011
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A chastity belt jealous husbands made their women wear during the Middle Ages.
A Spanish padlock guards the women's virtue while her husband is off to fight in the Crusades.
by Bill the Cat May 14, 2008
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A key-operated safety-device to secure a gaming-ticket-printing/processing machine while maintenance is being performed.
I don't approve of gambling in any form or in associating with it in any way, so I would not ever have a need for a LOTTO padlock, since I would always refuse to even assemble or repair a machine that was used in any facet of game-of-chance operations.
by QuacksO March 30, 2020
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Noun. Slang. It’s how women prevent tampon theft.
Hey! She’s stealing my tampons! She won’t get far. Why not? I have a padlock on them!
by B-rizzle June 25, 2019
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A man who has no intentions on getting married to you after years of dating and empty promises. And has refused to allow you find true love.

Introduces you to family and friends and allow them call you 'our wife ' not because he has plans on marrying you, but because that's what you want to hear.
1.Jude is a padlock man, I really pity for Diana

2. These days, ladies prefer a Yoruba demon to a padlock man
by Gbese!!!! November 06, 2017
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This is an act of true bros/breddas/homies/dons who are comfortable around eachother's gential areas.

It requires two individuals one of which is urinating (preferably male) and the other individual forming a "padlock" around the stream of piss consisting of their thumb and forefinger. Upon completion of this, the phrase "Bun You!" should be exclaimed by both participants to confirm the ritual complete. This will be the formation of an unbreakable bond.
"Did you hear Jack and Gichael did a Piss-Padlock together?"
"No way haha, that's so like Jack"
"I know right"
by tjtinny January 20, 2021
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Noun. The act of tucking male genitalia between the thighs or butt-cheeks for the purpose of giving one's groin the appearance of female genitalia.
1. Carlos fooled a few guys last night with his infamous mastery of the thai padlock.

2. Alex likes having sex with old ladies but he tolerates old men who are good at doing the thai padlock.

3. My penis is too short for a thai padlock.
by Visa para Tailandia September 24, 2017
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