to dress up like Paddington bear when it is cold with a scarf and jacket, making a normal man look extremely attractive to homosexual men
Eddie was the fucking reincarnation of Paddington today man. He barely made it across Oxford St without his arse being violated
by Macktown July 16, 2018
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Paddington is the name of a bear in the well-known childbooks and films. Paddington is also known as the identical twin of the world famous pop star Taylor swift
1 "Which movie do you wanna see?" "Paddington!"
2 "can't stop won't stop twinning with Paddington" : Taylor Swift on Instagram
by Swiftieforliveeeeee August 18, 2019
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Cocaine: Paddington was a talking bear from the deepest and darkest reaches of Peru. Peru is the source of some fine white powder. Paddington also happens to be a train station in London.
To pick up Cocaine: "Did you pass by Paddington today?" "It's going to be a wild night, I have to go to Paddington before I meet you"
by Simon Lepik June 29, 2005
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When you pull out and cum on your gf's teddy bear
My gf broke up with me last night after I ambushed paddington
by playa hater February 24, 2004
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When having sex w/ Girlfriend, man pulls out right before climax, then proceeds to blow his load on Girlfriends teddy bear.
If she gives does that again, she's getting the Paddington Ambush.
by Johnny Smack January 17, 2005
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Paddington's disease is when you become so anxious you turn into a dog.
after finding out the moon was falling thomas got paddington's disease
by TribalWars2 September 7, 2015
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As you are about to finish having sex with a woman, you pull out and instead cream all over her favorite teddy bear. Originates from Paddington Bear, a cartoon TV show.
"Man, she never saw that Ambush Paddington coming! Mr. Sniffles was in the wash all week!"
by mort March 21, 2005
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