A very convincing trap with a big dick
I thought she was a girl but it was really an ambush
by SPELL ICUP NIBBA November 24, 2017
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a play on words denoting an instance where one places a phone call, or sends a text or email, while intoxicated on Ambien.
I chased an Ambien with a Mimosa and then Ambushed Eric with a phone call telling him how much I loved him.
by Crackapleez May 04, 2010
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To call an unknowing third party onto a conference call with no warning.
Those fuckers called me to gang up on me and didn't give me warning it was a conference call. They ambushed me.
by Chosney September 11, 2003
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An ambush is when 2 men stick their penises in a girls mouth from different directions at the same time.
Guy 1: 8==> XD <===8
Guy 2: AMBUSH!!!
by Codemanmisterini67 November 03, 2009
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This is a sexual term... The ambush is where the male, while taking the female/male doggystyle, warns that he's about to ejaculate. He then spits on his partners back. The partner turns around and then he cum's in there face, thus catching them by surprise.....
She was late with the dinner last night so I ambushed her in bed. Her face was covered in Bollox Yought
by Buckley August 22, 2006
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When your significant other wakes you in the morning with "We need to talk" or something of the like. Usually the result of going through your stuff while you were sleeping and finding something you didn't want them too. This is done primarily to keep you from being able to formulate a good lie as you have just been woken up.
Jon: Me and my girl got in a fight.
Dave: What happened?
Jon: She totally a.m.bushed me with, "Who the hell is Jenny and why is she texting you?
Dave:That sucks!
by Skientz January 28, 2009
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