The Green Bay Packers are a football team in the National Football League, and currently the only non-profit, community owned major league professional sports team in the United States. They are owned by over 110,000 stockholders.

The Packers were formed and joined the NFL in 1921, 1 year after the league was founded. They are currently the 2nd oldest team in the NFL, 2 years younger than the Chicago Bears. Therefore the Packers are a very historic franchise, and they have more NFL titles than anyone else: 9 NFL Championships, and an additional 3 modern era Super Bowl victories for a grand total of 12. The Chicago Bears have the 2nd most with 9. Those facts are the basis for the distinguished rivalry that exists between the Packers and Bears. Together they own the longest rivalry in the NFL, having played each other over 170 times.

Green Bay Packers fans are referred to as "Cheeseheads" because of the state of Wisconsin's large cheese production. While it is often debated which NFL team has the biggest/best fan base, it is hard to deny the Packers are at the top since every Packers home game has been sold out since 1960, and the waiting list for season tickets has over 70,000 people on it.
The Green Bay Packers are playing tonight. If I empty my bank account and sell my soul I might be able to get tickets off a scalper.
by Kopy November 26, 2007
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A support group for Watonwan County fudge packers who get together and play with each other during the football season.
I love being a Green Bay Packers fan
by Toby Catzilla September 9, 2018
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An NFL team belonging to fat, drunken, cut throat, overly obnoxious and highly jealous fans who pride themselves on the false assumption they're better than the Chicago Bears and their fans. The Chicago Bears lead the all time series between the Packers/Bears 90-79 (The Bears have never trailed to the Packers). The Chicago Bears lead the NFL in all time wins as well - most people will say it's due to their length of time in the NFL, however most are ignorant of the fact that there are several teams who've been around just as long, yet fail to accomplish the same goal (The Green Bay assholes for one).
Notable mention is the 60 year starting QB for the Green Bay Packers Brett Favre, better known by his nickname as John Elway's bitch. His long standing definition is the ultimate drug addicted Barry Bonds of the NFL who would sooner drag his team down in pursuit of his own stats than let them have a chance to win. Fans are under the false assumption that he plays for them and will continue to believe he will not drop them like a bad habit once he finishes his conquest of records (which quarterback Peyton Manning will bust open in half the time).
George Halas OWNS Lombardi.
John Elway OWNS Brett Favre.
by Knotsea December 7, 2007
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1st off its 12 World Championships, Not nine Dumbass, 2nd the Packers were actually started in 1919 but because the NFL wasn't created and they changed owners from the Indian Packing Company to the Acme Packing company, that gets confused. They also were very similar to Notre Dame because they used to were blue and gold Uniforms like notre dame and then would were green and gold for special occations. Eventaully changing to green and gold permanatly. Sorry to every one who thought they were Green becuase of Green Bay. Idiots!
Green Bay Packers: 1st and Best team in NFL
by David Buchner July 19, 2008
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The real America's Team.

Cowboys fans seem to think 5 super bowls is so fantastic and un-matched, but the Packers actually have 7 championships, 3 are superbowls, the remaining 4 were from before the superbowl was created. Also 3 of those 4 NFL Championships were consecutive. The Packers paved the way by winning not only the first superbowl, but the second as well. The Vikings claim to have the greatest fans in the world, but actually, the Pack has sold out every game for 23 straight years. People are even willing to go to jail for three months for a pair of season tickets. Brett Favre has never missed a start for over 12 years. He has recorded over 200 consecutive starts, not including playoffs. I was fortunate enough to see that game on my first ever trip to a Packer game, watching the Pack Enilate The Rams in sub-zero temp's. The pack has won their divison for three straight years, but due to a weakening secondary, that will probably end this year. Vince Lombardi, whom the Super Bowl trophy was named after, coached the Pack in the 50's. Unlike the "America's Team" Cowboys, the Pack still have consistantly make the playoffs. The Packers aren't owned by some rich-fuck owner, but by the city of Green Bay, everyone owns a piece of the Packers. When the Packers pick apart the Vikings in the NFC North, the Vikings fans just start to belt out some thing pathetic like this: "Wisconsan is have a hole bunch ov redneks."
cowboy fan: "Dude the 'boys are america's team"

Me: "Shut the fuck up you known-nothing loser, the Pack is America's Team!"

Vikings Fan: "Randy Moss Randy Moss PURPLE PRIDE"

Me: "Oh wow you <had> a crack-head interity-lacking loser reciever, oh but now he's in Oakland, what do you have now? Besides, purple is a gay color anyways. Oh yeah I forgot you "true outdoorsman" minnesotians play indoors like a couple of fucking pussies."

Bears fan: "Walter Peyton, sweetness."

Me: "Wow."
by Rice Hater July 29, 2005
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The best team to root for in the world! We're strugguling now, but we still have Brett. We hate the Lions, Vikings, and Bears. Their fans are just jealous.
by Go Pack Go!!! October 11, 2005
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A group of homosexual men that takes turns being pleasured by the biggest fag ever, Aaron Rodgers .
i heard all the green bay packers are gay. the 49ers are so much better. Aaron Rodgers is so old and shitty. i hope he dies in a car crash.
Green Bay Packers is so S*** that they lost a NFC championship against they most fuckin greatest team the 49ers! Packers you faggots get a life like the foreskin on my cock.
by Hegsgxywvevg January 19, 2020
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