1.Located in northeastern Wisconsin, Green Bay gets its name from the Green Bay, a sub-basin of Lake Michigan.

2.With a population of 100,353 (according to a 2006 census) makes it the third largest city in state, behind Milwaukee and Madison.

3.Originally, the city was a trading post, established in 1634 by Jean Nicolet, making it the 13th oldest permanent settlement in the United States.

4.The city is most well known for the NFL team, the Green Bay Packers. Fans are proud of their team, often referring to themselves as "cheeseheads."
Green Bay is a town with rich heritage and is certainly more than stereotypes describe it as.
by blkcryn January 18, 2008
NOT HILLBILLYS!!!!! Green Bay has a awesome football team named the Green Bay Packers. You may go to Bay Beach soon to have the Zippin Pippin also known as ELVIS' favorite rollercoaster. Yes you heard right ELVIS. Green Bay is located in Wisconsin. Obama has visited Wisconsin seven times. Green Bay is home to "So Fly Like A Cheese Head", The Ready Set, and some of the coolest people you will ever meet. Our football players are great people who help in the community and meet their fans.


P.S. watch us beat the Bears tomorrow(;
Cool kid 1: Green Bay is soo cool!
Cool Kid 2: I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike: Thats sooo cool!
Phil: You mean thats soooo Green Bay!?
by CrEePeR aLeRt January 23, 2011
Green Bay is a town in northern Wisconsin. The water was clear until the dairy farmers started dumping moldy cheese into the water, turning it green.
by Overdrive November 13, 2005
1. A town in NE Wisconsin which so backwards and conservative that it takes credibility away from decent Wisconsin cities like Milwaukee, Madison and La Crosse.

2. A place for people from Illinois and Minnesota to confirm their stereotypes of Wisconsinites as being fat, drunken, deer-hunting dolts.

3. Allegedly a city of 100,000 which doesn't even have as much to do as a town 1/10th of that size.

4. A "city" whose only saving grace is a football team which it wouldn't even be able to have if not for the support of a REAL city 114 miles to the south.

5. A place where Green Acres, Andy Griffith and Hee Haw are considered cultural programming.

6. A town with a laundry list of failed business ventures because its people refuse to take part in anything that doesn't involve drinking, bowling, killing animals, the Packers, and more drinking.

7. A place that hasn't changed in over 20 years because anyone who tries to bring in new ideas is accused of being an elitist who wants to "Milwaukeeize" the city.

8. A colony of paranoid residents who have an irrational fear of anyone who's not a white, redneck townie. Especially if said person is from Milwaukee or Chicago.

9. A town with an allegedly great school system, yet a surprisingly significant number of residents who apparently don't know what side of the civil war Wisconsin was on and fly the rebel flag from their pick-up trucks.
"I want to go somewhere like the rural south, but without the good weather or southern hospitality."

"How about Green Bay?"
by illwauk October 4, 2007
1. A city in Wisconsin that lives only for a football team. A law has been proposed to the Wisconsin state assembly to never allow the Green Bay Packers to move out of the city, as mass suicides are feared if this did occur.

2. A city that is frequently used by residents of the surrounding states of Illinois and Minnesota to point out the stereotypes of Wisconsin.
Wisconsinite: "Most of us aren't fat and obnoxious."

Illinoisan/Minnesotan: "Have you ever been to Green Bay?"
by Subway14 July 13, 2011
When you shit in a bath tub and add soap.
The toddler accidentally turned the bath tub into a Green Bay.
by Fabregas sucks August 27, 2011
1) A city in Wisconsin, home of the Green Bay Packers.

2) An evil way for football coaches to punish their players. It consists of:
10 100/100 runs
8 80/80 yrd runs
6 60/60 yrd runs
4 40/40 yrd runs
2 20/20 yrd runs
for a grand total of 2200 yards, or 6600 feet (1.25 miles)
Dude, you know we are going to have to run a Green Bay for being so insubordinate.
by Blitzkrieg79 August 8, 2008