1. A town in NE Wisconsin which so backwards and conservative that it takes credibility away from decent Wisconsin cities like Milwaukee, Madison and La Crosse.

2. A place for people from Illinois and Minnesota to confirm their stereotypes of Wisconsinites as being fat, drunken, deer-hunting dolts.

3. Allegedly a city of 100,000 which doesn't even have as much to do as a town 1/10th of that size.

4. A "city" whose only saving grace is a football team which it wouldn't even be able to have if not for the support of a REAL city 114 miles to the south.

5. A place where Green Acres, Andy Griffith and Hee Haw are considered cultural programming.

6. A town with a laundry list of failed business ventures because its people refuse to take part in anything that doesn't involve drinking, bowling, killing animals, the Packers, and more drinking.

7. A place that hasn't changed in over 20 years because anyone who tries to bring in new ideas is accused of being an elitist who wants to "Milwaukeeize" the city.

8. A colony of paranoid residents who have an irrational fear of anyone who's not a white, redneck townie. Especially if said person is from Milwaukee or Chicago.

9. A town with an allegedly great school system, yet a surprisingly significant number of residents who apparently don't know what side of the civil war Wisconsin was on and fly the rebel flag from their pick-up trucks.
"I want to go somewhere like the rural south, but without the good weather or southern hospitality."

"How about Green Bay?"
by illwauk October 04, 2007
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When you shit in a bath tub and add soap.
The toddler accidentally turned the bath tub into a Green Bay.
by Fabregas sucks August 27, 2011
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