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The "Green Bay Packers" are an American football team whose fans typically engage in revisionist history, drunken delusions and bizarre rituals of idolatry. Located in a largely ignored, economically desolate part of the state of Wisconsin, they provide a significant source of entertainment to the inebriate fans and their retarded offspring, sadly impaired by their parent's alchohol abuse. If you go to Wisconsin, you will find Packer fans who actually claim credit for several world titles before the creation of the league, or before the team name was even attached to Green Bay, or the state of Wisconsin, for that matter. They will not recall the 25- year period before 1992 when they made the league playoffs only twice, with a record of 1-2. They have also quickly forgotten that their star quarterback begged to be traded to the Minnesota Vikings before he was unceremoniously dumped by front office management on the troubled New York Jets. Wisconsin has the highest rates of alchoholism in the nation, and the highest concentration of Green Bay Packer fans as well. Coincidence? You decide...
An example of Packer fan hyperbole: "The Green Bay Packers have won 137 total titles" says the inebriate Packer fan, just before being placed in the Detox van.
by Furry Warmbath September 27, 2008
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