A Chrysler PT Cruiser that is "riced out". Meaning, ugly spoilers and wings, stickers, and a fart-can exhaust "system".
"Man, you see that piece of shit PT Loser over there?"
by m0n0lith March 10, 2004
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Chevy HHR. Late out of the gate second rate retro clone. Also refers to owners/drivers of same.
HHR owners are just PT Losers.
by QZ Doran October 3, 2007
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Otherwise known as the PT Cruiser, this monster of a vehicle manages to still sell in the United States. Pushing a staggering 15RWHP, this beast usually comes in plum purple with plastic wood-looking accents. Don't be fooled, this baby has a top speed of 110MPH, that is if you are capable of driving this machine.
Joe: Look at that PT Loser fly! Man, I wish I had one of those!
by 908 Projectile December 25, 2011
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1. (n.) A deragatory term for the Chrysler PT Cruiser, refering to the style and general look of the automobile.

1. (n.) A deragatory term for those who drive the Chrysler PT Cruiser.
I was trying to get off the freeway, but this PT loser cut me off!
by Five_Fingers February 3, 2005
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noun; see also pt luiser; any variation of the standard, already pauperized pt cruiser. Usually found with wooden side-panneling, flashy accessories, or flame graphics, giving the appearance of living life in overdrive. Primarily the direct result of mid-life crises.
"My parents bought me a pt loser for xmas... FUCK YEA!!"
by chandizl December 20, 2008
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slang for PT Cruiser used by people strongly against the PT Cruiser
Look at that PT Loser over there. And look at the fag driving it.
by TheCoolFool December 21, 2008
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Another name for the PT cruiser. Usually used as an insult.

Okay I had one, and believe me it was shit, the engine was gutless,the suspension was shit and the interior was crap, I dont honestly know how I lived with it for a whole year.
PT loser owner - GM copied the pt cruiser with the HHR
Me (in my hhr) - Too bad the PT loser will never be half the car the HHR is.
by Saker August 5, 2006
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