Shorter extension for the JPEG file that stands for "Joint Photographic (Experts) Group"
Girl: look for the picture called Summer_vacations.jpg where you can see the cool sunset.
by cybergon September 4, 2008
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Stands for James Potter Gang and is the hardest street gang in Brampton Ontario. JPG runs the city now and has been active since the Roman era. Researchers have recently uncovered the bones of JPG's biggest opp: Keezy. Keezy is rumoured to be the greatest netbanger the world has ever seen and it's astounding that JPG warriors finished him.
by Your daddy lol get a life October 8, 2021
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JPG stands for 'Just Gooey Pixels' and is generally a worthless file-type for anything other then low quality photos.
Wow, I just took a picture and it is all pixelated and fuzzy. Oh, it's a JPG!
by TooManyPixels01 February 14, 2012
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The initials of the French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Gaultier is one of the few artists within the fashion industry. His designs are strongly shaped around surrealism, abstraction, and the the fashion of the 1930s/40s French style. Jean Paul Gaultier consistently challenges fashion's typical "norms" and is always on the cutting edge of fashion--always moving us to the future with his artistic vision. A true leader in fashion, Gaultier, unlike many, is much less mainstream, and he chooses to advertise less, making him a more underground, exclusive label.
If you were to compare the "greatest" American labels--Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, etc.--none of them consist of an ounce of artistic vision, the exceptional quality of JPG, nor a stand-out-from-the-crowd experience.
by Stefano Strang August 5, 2006
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JPG a street gang with lots of rep and respect, they tough, the ball, they real OGs. They rival the wimpy RRAW pansies gang. RRAW is weak and stupid are a bunch of wankstas.
by jim bob January 31, 2005
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Used on message boards as a suffix, either

1) referring to a well-known image which the user is too lazy to actually post, or

2) to create a pertinent image in the reader's mind.
OP is a loser who can't get a girlfriend

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard
by kingoffoxhunt November 21, 2011
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Jean Paul Gaultier, an overhyped fashion designer with no sense of color, who's clothing line is all either fatuously trite or absurd to the point of being laughable. In short, a hack.
Loser: Did you go to the jpg show last night?
Suave Individual: No, I'm not a slave to the fashion industry's every whim, so I know a lousy designer when I see his work.
by George February 15, 2005
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