When you cuff someone, it means that you will make the person be your girlfriend/boyfriend and not let anyone else date them.
Person 1: Aye, are you gonna cuff Cloe?
Person 2: Ofc I will cuff her g, she's mine
by kingkaaayyyy March 13, 2017
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Cuff is the slang term for being tied down into a relationship & telling the whole word that he or she is yours.
Brett: Dude remember Kylie Smith
Owen: Hell yeah she's so hot
Brett: I know right ,but too bad Ryan

Already cuffed her.
by IcecReamCHika August 17, 2014
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To protect or overprotect a boy/girlfried in fear that he/she might find interest in someone else. Another way of cuffing is announcing a relationship loudly around a large crowd rather verbally or physically. Think of it as a relationship leash, or handcuffs (thats what it is originated from anyway)
That dude gets any girl he wants in the club. You Better cuff yo girl...

You Dont Let Her Go Nowhere! Are You Gonna Cuff Her Forever?
by YoungChief The Meff a Dondotta September 6, 2007
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(v) excessive smothering. Boo loving. To tie one down in hopes nobody can claim him/her :example: if you dance with a women at a club for 4 or more songs then sorry my friend, you are cuffing
-Yo, yu gonna cuff that jawn?

-Nah, yu drawlin. shes wit that otha boul.

-oh, ard.
by xscatteredxjawnx March 26, 2010
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"you better shut up freind of i'll cuff you" or "did you see jimmy cuff that guy last night"
by tony chekno August 15, 2007
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The male grizzly bear cuffed his mate to assert his higher position.
by Peterock182 November 16, 2011
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The "slap-type-thing" thing that is done to the back of someones head/neck when they do something dumb. They are cuffed.
Duude, last week Johnny was like, "Does chocolate milk come from brown cows?" and I was like "cuff"
by CrazyDaisy March 5, 2006
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