Regardless of her former lifestyle and outlook, is now one of the biggest inhibitors of artistic freedom and (all-in-all) freedom in the USA.
Tipper Gore's "moral values" have caused thousands of America's youth to become narrow-minded sheep and has caused even more to protest and defy her over all Satanic view on creativity and art.
by Clayton Saint Germain July 25, 2004
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Tipper, the wife of vice-president Al Gore, is a synonym for narrowmindedness. She had to do with the committee that decides which CD's get the "Parental Advisory" stickers.

"You gotta be high to believe that you can change the world with a sticker on a record sleeve" - Ice-T (Freedom of speech / Just watch what you say 1991).
Yo, baby, lose the Tipper Gore attitude and let's get another girl for a threesome."
by Stoic Seraph April 14, 2003
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the ' random spaoken word album is become the media by jello biafra who was the singer in dead kennadys
by aaron October 17, 2003
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Al gore's bitch who started the PMRC putting Parental Advisory stickers that were supposed to "save children" but actually makes them want the cd more
"thanks to Tipper Gore any cd that has a couple 4 letter words goes platinum"
by Alley October 19, 2003
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The spawn of Satan. A stupid, uptight (surprizingly liberal) bitch, and wife of Al Gore, who has nothing better to do than to try and destroy America.

(The other definitions are better)
Tipper Gore is the spawn of Satan! >_<
by S_t_G December 19, 2004
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Someone who thinks that music is ruining the Nation's youth.
Tipper Gore thinks that kids will become better people if a sticker is placed on a record.
by Anonymous July 6, 2003
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