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Please Kill me. Used in text messages or chat rooms when you get rejected.
Tim: Do you wanna go out?
Amy: Hell no nigga!
Tim: PKM
by Milkchat November 02, 2009
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Pkm stands for please kill me. Its usually never serious and the person who says it doesn't usually mean it. It may be used if someones in trouble. Another variant is pjkm (please just kill me).
History class is soo boring! Pkm.

Oh shit, I forgot about my girlfriends birthday! Pkm!
by SpottyServalCat August 31, 2013
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A sexual method of drinking a shot/shooter whereby the drinker places the shot glass between the legs of his/her drinking partner while they are sitting down. The drinker then proceeds to pick up the shot glass from between their partners thighs using only their mouth and then consume the shot/shooter. No hands are to be used at any stage of this process except when placing the drink between the partners legs. Preferably performed by a female with a male partner or by a male with a female partner or finally by a female with a female partner. PKM is a rival to the body shot and the 'lick sip suck' methods of drinking a shot/shooter. Any liquids spilt during the taking of the shot/shooter either alcoholic or otherwise must be licked clean by the shot/shooter drinker.

Name believed to be derived from the phrase pants and knickers menu ie someone engaging in a PKM could be said to be eating from the 'pants and knickers menu'.
Johnny is having a PKM from Jenny's lap.
by Davis Clarke February 21, 2009
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